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No on the sweet potatoes, yes on the yams

I feel like a fading comedian working the crowd in a half-empty comedy club in Cedar Rapids every time I say this but...

You know how bad it's gotten?


How bad?


It's gotten so bad that I read Shaughnessy's Sunday de rigueur doom and gloom and CHBisms turned to 11 piece and I couldn't find anything to disagree with.


That's how bad it's gotten.


So you're not buying the notion the Lucchino is at heart a good baseball guy and as much a paht of the 2 World Series victories as anyone else and if he thinks Valentine is the guy then we should give him the benefit of the doubt?


Dude. Valentine doesn't believe in Moneyball.


Yeah, there is that.


You know who I really feel bad for in all this is Ben Cherington's mom.


His mom?


Yeah, she's still waiting for Larry to sign off on what sides she can serve at this year's Cherington Family Thanksgiving.



it's bad.

It is so bad that I forgot how to spell Duluth.

I think this guy is a Red Sox fan...

Thanks for the spell check. That whole line was garbled as well. Rewrite.

hah! i read that sunday piece and was equally depressed.

Think they're waiting for Valentine's Day to announce Bobby V's appointment as manager? Bet that was Carmine's idea.

I resent that management has put me in the position of having to agree so completely with the MFCHB. Man, this sucks...

That last panel is exactly my kind of snotty humor. An exagerration, but is it really?

Dang, Duluth really lost out here. Is that Dale Sveum's hometown?

It's so bad that I've resulted to using this space to talk college football. Can't bare to look at the train wreck right now.

So, Jeff in NC - big game this weekend for a change, no? Let's get the bourbon flowing early.

Hopefully the Pats will take care of business tonight and give us a brief reprieve from the cesspool at Tawkey Way.

Very bad.

Musta forgot to hit post...

@sonomasox, yes its a nice change for this game to mean something outside the old dominion. And to be able to enjoy the bourbon in a glass instead of the old "student at the game" way of pouring from a ziplock that had been in close contact with my nutsack.

@Jeff - You must be a bit younger than me. We used to walk into Scott Stadium with a Big Gulp full of bourbon, no problem or evil eye from security.

Looks like it. Graduated in 91. Drinking age 21. But no alcohol allowed at the time at Lane Stadium no matter the age. That'll learn ya to like warm bourbon with a flat coke mixer.

It was at least as far back as when we used the term Beamer Ball in derision. One of the best college halloween party costumes ever was a friend who walked in with a vt cap, a clip board and a raw chicken breast tied to his cheek - EVERYONE knew he was Coach Beamer.

Musta forgot to hit post..

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