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No news is, er, no news

Well, you know things are slow when the only "news" coming out of the GM meetings is how John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino were breaking bread with Yankees president Randy Levine.


Gasp! How scandalous.


Friggin 1-percentahs plotting new nefarious ways of stickin' it to the fan!


Yeah, and the othah news is the Orioles are going back to the retro cartoon bird.


The new bird is cursed! Back to the old bird.


Well, they got it half right... There's a curse alright, but it's the old bird sitting in ownah's box.



Come on, Peter Angelos is only 83. He could have joined The Trio and Levine to break bread, but they didn't have any milk to soften it.

Meet the new bird..same as the old bird

Baltimore,I give you...the bird ;O

I thought the 1%'ers were the man? I am still confused. We need a new manager. This is like getting wheelchair toasted with nothing to focus on - somewhere between "not a care in the world" and "holy shit, its all crashing down". We need a new manager, even a Sveumy one will do.

The only way los Birdos make any money is when their fans shell out money for gear, hence the change.

I actually kinda like the cartoon bird. And the team is cartoonish so it fits.

Jeff, think you're right. Actually meant to say "sticking it to the fan." Swapping it now.

.... and a nice win by the B's.

I once had an altercation with the Baltimore Oriole.

Well, that clears that up a bit. But we need a manager still so's we can depart from the ornithilogical. In the meantime, I vote for a full change of mascot and go with the Baltimore Buzzards. Not much good to look at, but if you are a dying Redsox team they can finish the job for you and leave you a bag of bones on the roadside. And then shit out the Papelbon as they fly on over Philly.

hah! Hilarious. I hope David Ortiz doesn't become a bird.

Does this mean the Padres bring back the chicken and the old style cartoon Padre. Well hell, then I'll get excited about baseball.

Christmas music already?? REALLY? Too...soon.

I saw grandma get run over by an ad campaign.

And our bird has flown the coop.

NESN loses Tappen, now Watney.


The bird is a turd. Isn't that how the song goes?

Bring back Tina.

My company is moving to our own building right across the parking lot from NESN's headquarters.

Then I learned this.


Its beginning to appear that working under the Redsox roof is somewhat undesirable. Is it a bad organization? Or is it just that Luchino keeps farting in the elevators after his Sriracha and sausage lunch break?

Rising tides raise all ships, Jeff.

The reverse is also true...

Hey we still have Kristy Yamaguchi or whatever her name is ;)


Theo takes one for Sox fans one last time?

I'm late, and this is not appropos of the discussions, but...I can't think of a logo I hate worse than that retro cartoon bird!

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