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Hitting bottom

Well, Patriots back in first and, don't look now, but I almost, almost think I've bottomed out on Red Sox angst and maybe, just maybe I'm turning slightly less pessimistic...


I mean, sure we lose Paps, but we lose him to the NL and we do have Bard, which has been the plan for the future of the closer position all along.


And Sveum is back for a 2nd interview, and, while it's worrisome that in this managerial search the front office seems focused on inexperienced, controllable "prospects," I guess I can begrudgingly accept their collective wood for the dude.


Yeah, and look on the bright side... how often are you gonna get to have the chance to have a managah whose last name rhymes with "lame," "blame," and "shame"?


Seriously. Think of the fun we'll have.



Do you think Corey Sveum has a License To Drive a big league club?

I'd rather have it rhyme with 'came'. just sayin'

Sveum is lame, so pray for rain?


Let's just hope Bard's September performance was an aberration and not aisgn tof things to come. Or came, for buck

Buckner was Sveumed?

the red sox are dead to me.


Yes! Rhyming! Way to look on the bright side. I will think on this.

My company just brought someone in for a second interview. We "put him on hold". There's still hope for a Sveum-less team next year.

If I had a dollar bill for every 2nd interview I had this year and didn't get the job...I'd have a lot of dollar bills.

Dale Sveum came to fame as a 3rd base coach so lame. When the team of the same name currently basking in shame asked him to come manage a game, he came.

"Lots of things in life are beautiful, but brother,
There is one particular thing that is nothin' whatsoever
In any way, shape or form like any other.

There is nothin' like a Sveum..."

@Jeff - you sure you went to Va.Tech? that was solid - easily puts you in the Bob ranks there.

I'm still disgruntled. Somewhere between LC and the characters. And, I can't rhyme.

In my best Sheriff Taylor- Now looky here Sonomasox, contrary to what youins over there on the lawn may have thunk, we did a'ight fer usselves across the hills o'er yonder in Blacksburg. Sometimes we were even sober :).

Sober? Didn't think castrated turkeys were ever sober. Of course not sure wearing ties to football games made us Cavalier after a fifth of Virginia Gentleman.

No, but the ties did help differentiate (i'll take $10 for that word) between one brand of college puke and another. In any case, neither of us had an ugly lady mascot with facial hair wearing a Daniel Boone outfit like the WV dinks.

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