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Happy Thanksgiving

The Soxaholix will return after the holiday …

♫ Ovah the rivah, and through the wood,

To Valentine's house we go;

Larry knows the way to run the day-to-day

of this wonderful Red Sox show-oh! ♬


♫ Ovah the rivah, and through the wood,

To Valentine's house away!

We cannot stop, "C'mon Ben, chop chop!",

For this is the Lucchino way-ah! ♩


♫ Ovah the river, and through the wood—

Oh, how Septembah did blow!

But Theo was shown the door and Tito's no more,

So to the World Series we go-oh! ♬


Happy Thanksgiving, guys.




And don't forget your rutabaga — the most undah appreciated of all the root vegetables.


I dunno. They make me gassy.


You say that like it's a bad thing.



Eastham turnip for me ;)

So let your blue heart open wide
Let's never leave our dreams behind
It would comfort and restore my pride
If you let me be your Valentine

Hello?...Is this thing on? Guess everyone's traveling today.Hopefully we'll have something fun to crop-dust about on Friday ;O

Happy Thanksgiving hb and all you creepy posters!

Ah, Thanksgiving! One of the greatest holiday to work in the Emergency Department! The timing of the day, year to year, never changes. Early part of the day, little stuff: ear infections, sniffles. As the day progresses, cuts from carving, burns from cooking, etc. As the alcohol flows and folks are in close quarters with relatives they have avoid for the rest of the year, tempers flair, and there are the usual fist fight injuries. Then, later in the evening comes the food poisoning from undercooked turkeys...you can set your watch by it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I finally upgrade the ipad to ios5 and soxaholix site gets blurry on me. Ads and background still high def but strip and comments are double vision blurry. Occasionally gets clar when I resize screen. Any ideas where my gremlin came from and how to exterminate him?

Happy Thanksgiving all! I wonder if Theo is dining at the Pujouls home tomorrow? Better him than Cashman...

Favorite T-Day veggie: 50-50 mix of carrots and rutabaga sliced and cooked like potatoes, then mashed. Be careful carving the rutabaga though, or you'll wind up visiting Jeff.

Apologies for the site on iPhone or any mobile device.

I'm going to redo the entire thing, but not sure when I'll get to it. Before Spring Training hopefully.

ALso still hoping to do "best of" book. Ugh. So little time, so many ideas, so much chronic.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here on this creepy site. Wish me luck trying to get home from Texas tonight in time for Mrs. Rob's spectacular T-Day feast.

And a special thanks to you, h.b. for all you give us all year 'round. Hope everyone's holiday is restful and relaxing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from the wilds of New Jersey. the wife is making a turducken, which will be eaten normally but have select pieces kept for battering and deep-frying on Sunday. Scheduling angioplasty now.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm doing the Alton Brown turkey brine special this year. And beer. Lots and lots of beer.

In all seriousness and creepitude, I'm thankful that I'm a Sox fan, because I guarantee you no other fan base could produce something as subversive and insidious as this site. Thanks hb and all the frequent and not-so-frequent posters. Have a restful holiday!

Hey, remember turkey day in 2003? http://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/29/sports/baseball-red-sox-ace-out-the-yankees-and-get-schilling-for-3-years.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm

You mean this site isn't SUPPOSED to be blurry?

What about everything else...work? home? car? This cabinet with bottles somewhere in front of me? Whoa.

Site works perfectly on a DROID from somewhere on the road in Janesville, WI. I will have more calories this week than the Rift Valley has in an entire year.

GSGH - Thanks for that link and the flashback to happier days. Jerry Colangelo comes off looking pretty prophetic in that last paragraph, eh?

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, all.

I am right here.

Fuck the Red Sox



Maybe we'll be thankful for an Ortiz re-signing when everyone gets back from vacation...

I want to see a Thanksgiving dinner w/ LC and Luchino, maybe throw Schilling and McCarver for extra drama. That would be some must see TV.

Happy Thanksgiving all - hope the biggest turkey that goes down is the castrated one from Blacksburg.

Fuck Lucchino
God bless


Best tday ever to all and sundry; thankful for all of you.
Also, already over the river and through the woods. Not bad at all.

even though I am an illtempered prick, I am thankful for all you guys and girls.


Eff all y'all holidaying motherfuckers!

My cousin asked me the other day, 'Don't you have Thanksgiving over there?' It would have been delightfully cute if he wasn't 21.

Hey sdu, you and I can get drunk and post dirty limericks here while all these mooks are stuffing their colons full of turkey. Whaddaya say?

pse, what are you Canadian 0r somfin tssss..

So I saw this nature show with a turkey fighting an eagle and then an owl. Turkey kicked all they asses. Kicked em bad. So, I will take my mascot and enjoy watching the Hokies slap the Wahoos silly :). At least I am not a Gamecock or a Rainbow Warrior (once the rainbow was stolen by the LG portion of the LGBTQIA gang, this one got embarassing)

But for real fun with mascots, local rival high schools around here are the Trojans, Beavers, and Cougars. heh, you cant make this shit up. I would be jailed for the mascot "play" I would orchestrate at half time.

@Jeff, that's pretty damn good but we had a rival high school when I was younger that were known as the Poseidons. Their mascot wore a blue banana hammock and wore a crown. It was freaking epic.

@chip, I'm 'Murkan but I live in the UK, so Thanksgiving and the 4th are pretty much off the table.

Poseidon do some push-ups in the endzone after TDs? (the field end zone, of course is what I mean)

@Jeff - yeah, turkeys are some mean bastards. Still hope the Cav sword slices and dices. Actually just hoping we stay in the game until the end.

Sonoma and Jeff in NC,
I was at the game. It was bad. Not only was it not a home game (even though it was in CVille) About 40-50% of the fans were Hokies. Additionally Rocco showed he was a sophomore quarterback. Our O-line was really outperformed.

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