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Decider in Chief

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls... the new manager of the Boston Red Sox, Barney Frank.


That would actually be enjoyable to watch. I mean can you imagine the arguments with the umps?


"Hey, Ump, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table."


"On what planet do you spend most of your time?"


Speaking of othah worldliness, did you see this nugget from yestahday?


Oooooh, vewy scawy.


John Henry gonna slap dems bitches around!


You know what they say — "When John Henry speaks... When John Henry speaks..." er, wait, uh... What the fuck happens when John Henry speaks anyway?



I have to admit that I agreed with the CHB's column today. 60 days is kinda rediculous. He also made me LOL with the line about what happens if we get Lamont as the manager? Casino nights in the dugout?

Barney as manager WOULD be very interesting. I wonder if Pedey would be playing cribbage as much.

i'm caring less and less about who they pick and more and more that they JUST pick. someone. anyone.
and it's hard to hear john henry when he speaks because of all the wind on the yacht.

Lauren - good one! But I think that wind is coming from Larry Luscious, not the yacht.

#RIPPatrice O'Neal.

bad day

We are perhaps seeing exactly why TheoTito left.

Are we facing the bad times of the Yawkey Trust, where Buddy Le Roux and Haywood Sullivan wore out their shoes going to their lawyers to sue one another? Their hires were not all bad. Walpole Joe, we need you.

Whoa. For a second, I mis-read opening panel as Barney Fife.

Of course, on second thought...

Barney Fife was decisive, a stern disciplinarian, and barely smarter than Grady Little or (shudder) Jimy Williams.
Then, the 2004 Cowboy up guy, Kevin Millar is joking around about the Sox job, Hey 15 ASK for a talk with Larry!

Take that Murray Chass.

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