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OK, everyone can friggin relax already...


Seriously. And according to Mazz it's gonna be "a baseball version of Barack Obama and Joe Biden."


Is that one hell of an awesomeness sandwich or what?


"Siri, remind me to buy a terabyte hard drive for video storage of all the coming Red Sox pennant winning highlights."


This is the motherfucking change we've been waiting for.


I got a fevah, and the only prescription is Sveumcare!



Remember the Reagan-Ford "co-presidency" that was floated during the Rebublican convention in '80? I think we can learn one thing from that:

George Bush the Elder is about to be named bench coach for the Red Sox.

Sveumcare? Get ready for the death panels then, cuz that's gonna fucking kill us fans...

(best Mr. Magoo voice...) "Oh, h.b. You've done it again!"

Glad I had set my coffee down before checking in this morning. "Sveumcare". Damn, that's funny stuff... I presume it requires all fans to be registered RSN card-carrying members at $15 a pop?

Rick Perry is probably looking for a job today.

Rick still has a job in Texas, assuming, of course, he remembers where Texas is.

I hear Joe Paterno is looking for work

Is Sveum just a synonym for Santorum?

I have three words today:
(1) 'Nergy
(2) Shazaam
(3) ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OOPS

If I weren't in a food coma from the Smith & Wollensky's lunch (I love coming up to Boston and being able to write off expensive meals with clients!) and feeling magnanimous due to the joy Perry brought to my Twitter feed last night, I'd say something mean about how of course he will find his way back to Texas as an innocent man is awaiting execution this week. As for Paterno, he should be looking at jail time, not just new work....

(2)Not guilty
(3)ummmmmmmmmmmmm OOPS

Perry's new book: the Audacity of Oops

and this Lamont/bridge the gap seems more like a bridge to nowhere - right there w/ a bullpen by committee. All just a lingering shitstorm...painful.

Anyone hear who Nebraska is playing on Saturday?

Ped State.

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