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We'll be right back...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
As I mentioned in the comments the other day, I'm taking a long weekend to drink beer, eat chicken, and play video games... I'll see you back here Tuesday (or perhaps Wednesday depending on the chicken).



Enjoy, H.B. We'll hold down the fort. Today's topic for discussion:

Dark meat or white?

Maybe Theo will even be gone by then...or not

Enjoy the break, hb!

A friend just sent this to me. Required viewing for all you creeps, even you h.b. whilst choking that chicken (that you will cook later of course). Trust me, its worth watching - skip the ad when you can.

Maybe NSFW, so be careful out there

A great movie if you have never seen it.

Wednesday?? Shank will probably have the new book out by then ;D

By the way, SDU, as I understand it if we'd tried to drop Lackey to AAA then we would have had to waive him first. Someone might have gotten him off of waivers...which wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing after all maybe.

h.b. just eat your chicken in your "clubhouse" apparently only the "dugout" is off limits.

h.b. - what video games do you have lined up for the weekend?

That's funny Jeff. "Don't cry little Dustin Pedroia. You'll probably be traded somewhere nice like Cleveland" was my favorite line. I've seen that video used numerous times in other sports disaster situations. It always works!

How come every time I'm in the kitchen, hb in the kitchen. Eaten up all the fried chicken, drinking all the Hahpoon IPA. I want some fried chicken! I could drink some Hahpoon!

This is what someone might say to you after a weekend of fired chicken, video games and beer- cos we know there's not likely to be a shower in the mix there...

Why don't you tell your daddy to comb his damn hair, look like some spiders is having a meetin' on his head.

Yazbread, I agree about the movie, Downfall. It's compelling and the guy who plays Hitler does an excellent job.

BTW, the CHB says that for next season, NESN is considering using the Dos XX slogan, "Stay thirsty, my friends." What are the chances we'll see the "Most Interesting Man in the World" reciting that line on the jumbotron? Not likely I'm guessing.

If Dos XX pays up, he would be on the video screens post haste. Now, for a real Bud and good Mudville Chicken.

Thanks Kaz: none of this makes sense to me!. Bob: white meat for me, preferably crispy skin chinese or flat portugues.

All is forgiven as Clay says they were just rally beers.

Ug. People who schedule late Friday meetings should be dredged in egg wash and panko, deep fried to a golden brown, and served to Josh Beckett.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


Texas in seven?

Not if they keep pitching to Pujols!


Texas in seven?

*** Wednesday Resumption ***

Definitely taking today (Tuesday) off too. The chicken is too good to put down just yet.

Then it should be Wednesday Consumption.

HB, you asshole. I need to find out what your characters think about the World Series/NBA lockout/Herman Cain's presidential ambitions/Lindsay Lohan posing in Playboy, etc., or I don't know what to think for myself. Produce a strip or our behind-the-scenes sexual relationship is OVAH!

Speaking of sexual relationships, I had one with my light switch.

It was on again, off again.

Weak, Kaz. Weak. Surely you could have worked in a Real Doll (tm) reference.

On a side note, my next military assignment will be in Tampa, Florida, so I will get to see the ego-free, non-fried-chicken-eating Red Sox play nine times per year for the next three years and be part of the 80% of the crowd rooting for the non-hometown team.

Wooooooo Hoooooo! The ugliest pitcher in the majors, John "Prophy" Lackey (cuz his mug is a sure fire abstinence based form of birth control), is having TJ surgery! Gone for '12! Not quite a trip to SD, but beggars cant be choosers.

I wonder if H.B. is sleeping in a park under 30 Popeye's chicken boxes.

Had the new strip written 2 hours ago but once again forgot to hit the "publish" button.

Probably just a mini stroke brought on by the fried chicken. I get them all the time. Nothing to worry aboumnerjgnjevnefkn cjlb.

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