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Way beyond our means

Well, I guess we now know what "Mystique and Aura" is valued at in today's economy — exactly 2 playoff wins.


And if I could offah you some dessert with your dish of Schadenfreude might I suggest the following nuggets: 1. A-Rod ends the game by striking out. 2. A-Rod went 2-18 in the ALDS. 3. A-Rod is 36 years old and had has 6 years left on his contract.


This is the best Friday since August.


Before we get too cocky let's remembah that the Red Sox and Yankees spent $363 million this year for the luxury of watching the ALCS on TV.


Well, if our elite Washington economic fixah-uppahs are a guide, the solution is very simple — $pend More!


Exactly. Let's stop rinky-dinkying around with millions and get into billions.


And let's think of some way we can add some green jobs initiatives into that spending like a true high rollah.


And high speed rail, of course. You're not fucking serious about throwing money around indiscriminately unless you're talking high speed rail.


R.O.I. is for pussies.



Bread and circuses

Just realized that I may have officially been in the UK longer than I think as I
immediately read R.O.I. as Republic of Ireland. And then wondered why h.b. hates the Irish? sigh

Why don't the Sox borrow the idea of Cap and Trade? Just reverse it, and trade Lackey for a cap. Although I doubt any team would give up a nice cap for him.

Could we put Lackey in a coal mine? His value over a replacement canary is a net +.

Could we put Lackey in a coal mine? His value over a replacement canary is a net +.

Could we put Lackey in a coal mine? His value over a replacement canary is a net +.

2 girls,1 cap??

We finish third in the division and the MFYs and Rays get bounced in the first round. That's the coup de grâce to our season.

Cap and trade. I like it. They probably couldn't get a nice cap for Lackey, but maybe a cap gun?

It would shoot blanks ;D

Man, I keep getting left out of the conversation on what's hip. I just cant seem to keep track of the worst things in the world very well. I thought it was government, then it turned out to be all public service workers, then it was really only teachers, only to turn out that it was the gays. Now to find out it was high speed rail all along. Would some one please give me a cheat sheet so I knew what I was supposed to be angry about? Organized by week, perhaps? Ok ok, just having fun. I wll stand down.

More importantly, baseball. I would love, but will never get to see some real business of baseball numbers. From a $/win standpoint we suck second only to the mfy. What I want to know is whether all the money spent actually had a business roi, independent of the sporting aspect. Doesnt really matter of course, but curious. The thought comes by way of Forbes crowning the mfy as the highest valued sports franchise in the world, secnd place going to Man U.

Mahty took the day off? Must be downtown, Occupying Wall Street?

Marty is one of the guys paying the folks to occupy Wall St, natch.

I was CERTAIN the word "schadenfreude" would appear in today's strip and you didn't disappoint, h.b. Thanks.

Two excellent dishes -- New England clam chowder and New York schadenfreude. I pumped my fist so hard when A-Rod struck out, I thought I wrenched a shoulder muscle. I guess A-Rod's more human when not on the 'roids. Six more years -- until he's 42. Nice !!! And Jeter had his worst season and Posada's probably done. That freak of a physical specimen Rivera, on the other hand, shows no signs of slowing down.

Right...they're all getting paid to be there. That's the ticket!

No, only the smart ones are getting paid.

The dumb ones, well, they are still learning how the market works, bless their lil' hearts.

Since when did douchebags represent 99% of the population?

These folks in Cesar Chavez Park will clarify 'why there are there'


The AL East- The "Seinfeld" of professional sports.

162 games about nothing

Not that there's anything wrong with that, LC.

Da kine - the answers to that question are endless. There's a douche around every corner...

Re the AL Sienfeld division, it is now clear that they are not masters of their domain.

To be honest, Jeff, I consider myself a douchebag, but more of a smarmy, snark-throwing DB, rather than a self-serious, patchouli-smelling twentysomething who knows jack shit about anything. It takes all kinds, I guess.

Heh. I was actually thinking aout all the political hack and political hack related douchebags out there who claim to sum us all, ALL of us, up in short "what the American people really want is..." soundbites.

They should have figured out by now that What the American people really want is a fucking Red Sox World Series trophy.

Mystique and Aura? Screw that. This weekend it's going to be Mesquite and Gomorrah.

Wouldn't be a BBQ without some hardwood charcoal and a fresh ground golden calf to idolize.

Have a great weekend all. Including those of us who have to settle for the standard 2-day affair. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Doubt it.

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