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There's some hope. Now need the change.

Holy shit, out of the dahkness shines a light —

Padres may have interest in Lackey!


Whatevah they are smoking in San Diego must be totally killah.


"The Red Sox would have to pick up most of the remaining $45.75 million remaining on his contract."


Talk about money well spent.


What is John Henry's PayPal address? I'd like to make a modest donation to this most charitable cause.


Are you kidding me? I'll charge it to my Flexible Spending Account and tell the IRS it's for mental health counseling.



I already tried using my Beniversal card; no luck, they said my doctor hadn't prescribed trading Lackey. Of course, a quick call to Dr. Layton-Mange remedied that. Now I get medicinal weed and Lackey in San Diego.

Ha! Fuckin Ha! Economics 101 - ignore sunk costs in your analysis.

The opening line from Abraham says it all. If someone even entertains the idea for a second that they will pay $45m for you to leave town, you, sir, are not well liked. No, not at all.

You just made my day, hb. Even before I got to the end of the strip I immediately thought "how can I donate to this cause?" Please let it happen.

BTW, is San Diego's mascot still the Chicken? He might want to watch his back, especially on days Lackey isn't pitching...

...but he will have to switch from Bud light to Corona ;D

Swill either way ;O

and Lackey gets an additional $500,000 on his way out? Wow.

Can we at least get a couple of middling prospects for that $45 milly?

Frankly, I thought Jed Hoyer was smarter than that... I wonder if th $500K was in Lackey's pre-nup?

How much is that in beer and chicken??

I am as skeptical of this actually happening as I am of the reports Qaddafi is actually dead... While both would delight me, I'll wait for the proof.

"Mr.Hoyer,someday you may be called upon to do me a favor,that day may never come..."

@soxinsix, Funny thing about the San Diego chicken. I was talking to a Padres fan during one of their games at Fenway this summer and it turns out that the chicken was so successful that San Diego failed to renew its contract. It's now a freelance mascot for San Diego in general.

Lackey's continued presence in a Red Sox uniform will surely break the sellout streak - something Sox brass will go a long way to keep intact.

Pay $45 mill to ship out Lackey, $2 mill for Manny and soon you could match the Royals' payroll. Ouch. Does Carmine know about this?

The last panel made me snort so loudly I woke up the dog. I have a 15 year old Rottie mix that would like a word with you, HB.

Harwich - great Godfather reference. Perfect in every way.

"Take the Lackey, leave the fried chicken..."

Theo as Cubs President, Hoyer as Cubs GM, Byrnes as Padres GM. Would someone please take Lackey? I'll be your best friend (said with whiniest 8 yr old voice I can manage)

Dumb question but last year I kept hearing Glen Ordway say they 'couldn't send Lackey down' (to AAA or AA). Is that technically correct - ie they literally can't send him down due to his contract or status. Or does it just mean, it's too expensive to have him pitching in the minors. If they can send him to Pawtucket or Lowell ort whatever the fuck, surely they are better off doing that than simply swallowing $40M and giving away a pitcher who might actually come good at some point?

Anyway, as long as he's not in a Red Sox uniform on opening day, I will be content. They guy stinks.

Hello all, I've posted here a little in the past, but mostly read and enjoy comments. I have a question: does anyone out there believe Lackey could possibly have a bounce back year, humbler but still w/ a chip on his shoulder, same # of starts and innings but a good enough ERA hovering around 4.00? I mean, eye rolling and a-hole-ness can be addressed by a stronger team leader (anyone? Bueller??), and Bud Light and fast food are a part of any MLB clubhouse IMHO. What think ye?

Jeff, you're asking a good question. I think Lackey will bounce back and probably get his era around 4.00 as you suggest. My guess is he will win two to four more games than he loses in part because Black knows how to straighten him out and his elbow will get the treatment it needs this offseason. Plus, Curt Young was in over his head. Look at what happened with Bard: Lights out for two months and then he shit the bed when it counted. But he wasn't hurt. Farrell would have fixed him in one trip to the mound.

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