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The Walking Dead

You know the worst paht about this whole 2011 epic collapse?


It's not the collapse itself, as horrific as that was...


No, it's how this aftahmath is tainting and polluting my memories of 2004.


Seriously. Now when I think of the Red Sox my first thoughts have gone from pride and joy to revulsion.


We are living in a friggin post apolcayptic world now.


Yeah, but instead of rotten-fleshed zombies shuffling along aimlessly...


We've got Beckett, Lackey, and Lestah drunk-eyed and covered with chicken grease.



Oh, don't let it pollute '04, guys. Here's the cure for what ails ya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dRfRoQTmPE&feature=related (watch sections 6 on and remember better times)

It all seems so long ago now.

...but we'll always have our bricks ;D

You can never take Dave Roberts sliding into second away from me, nor the mob scene when Papi homered.

I don't even remember 2007.

All I know is before 2004 I thought I would go to my grave without ever seeing them win a WS. And now we've got 2! As ugly as the collapse and the current situation is, they can't take that away, and this too shall pass.

Now we can go to our graves knowing we'll never see it again.

I kid. (Maybe...)

Lets all sing it together: "Oh, they can't take that away from me. Ohhhh, they can't. take. that. a-way. from. meeee!"

And they can't, either. God bless Dave Roberts. You know what's funny? One of the biggest memories I have from '07 is Dice-K in his pair of oversized batting gloves knocking that double into left at Coors Field. The look on his face suggested he was as surprised about it as I was.

2004 will always stand on its own. Partly because those idiots were just so lovable. Hell, they drank shots BEFORE games and we just said, "oh, those crazy goons." The 2011 team is the exact opposite. They're just so...repugnant. Like the whiny, petulant rich kids who think the rules are different for them because they always have been in the past. And whose parents bail them out of every situation, no matter how egregious. Well, guess what guys? Daddy Tito has abandoned the family, Mommy Theo is following him out the door, and the entourage who worshipped your every move is on to your game. So enjoy your last summer in the Hamptons. You'll still have plenty of money, but come March, Grandpa John is sending you all to miltary school.

The contrast is just so startling:

Dave Roberts - class act

Lackey and the chicken boys - classless

Watch out for the triffids on your way to work.

Two thoughts.

One, treat the Redsox like wine. You got your bad years, your years of 2buckchuck, your decent ones and then your 2004 and 2007 vintages. Delicious. The label is the same, but each stands on its own.

We are addicts. Whether it is political, entertainment, or Redsox news, we cant get enough. We complain about the results of the neverending "investigation", but here we are reading it and lapping it up and complaining about the bellyache afterwards. We are addicts. Some addictions are quite lovely though.

The foreign press is so much more incisive than our local coverage:


Darwin would hate this team. They completely refute his theory of evolution.
Anyone old enough to recall DEVO? They might have been on to something, that or just on something.

Hey, I heard the World Series was starting today.

Are we not men..

Seriously, sdu, your posts about rugby or whatever are getting tiresome here. Keep this "World Series" thing starting today in Australia already, alright?

Jeez, Kaz, talk about bad losers:


LOLZ! Well played, sdu. Well played...


Brains...I need brains.

sdu, I take my lead on rugby from Yoda...

Do or do not...there are no tries.

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