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No separation

Let the managah hunt begin.


Let the rostah hypothesizing unfold.


Meet the new offseason. As intense as the old onseason.


You cannot escape the pull of the Red Sox orbit.


We are Rodin figures encased in Red Sox marble.


Red Sox toujours au milieu
De tout qui l'entoure.



"Tish, you spoke French..."

*grabs her arm*


Mike's final line is a twist on a line from the poem "Le Noyer" found in Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space.

Translation: Red Sox, ever at the center / Of whatever it surrounds.

In the original, instead of "Red Sox" it's arbre/tree.

I hear Tommy Lasorda has thrown his hat in the ring.

hb- French? Why you cheese-eating surrender monkey!

Speaking of orbits and space and shit, did you all catch that scientists recently launched a neutrino into the Alps that arrived having gone FASTER than the speed of light, meaning it got there in essence *before* it was shot. Given that our very notions of Einsteinian physics are being challenged these days, I now hold out hope that the Sox can sign some decent free agents this off-season. Of course, that will probably be for the Sox team that exists in the alternative reality wormhole, but no matter....


I'm like Charles V: I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my RealDoll (she's kinda Prussian, if you know what I mean).

I expect that the faster than light travel will turn out to be an error, just like signing Lackey.

I always feel so dumb when HB starts quoting poetry and literature that I've never even heard of.

Sorry to break your heart, Natalie, but recent evidence suggests that the experiment was flawed by design. They needed to synchronize the clocks used to time the launch and detection of the neutrinos. They did this through the clocks in the GPS satellites above them. However, in the reference frame of the observers, those clocks are moving too and so special relativity says that there will be a shift to be accounted for...which the original researchers didn't account for.

Taken from an article on the subject: "Using the altitude, orbital period, inclination to the equator and other metrics, van Elburg calculates the error rate: “The observed time-of-flight should be about 32 ns shorter than the time-of-flight using a baseline bound clock,” he writes. This is done at both clock locations, so double that, and you get an early-arrival time of 64 nanoseconds. That pretty much accounts for the original anomaly."

So, not only does the result not question Einstein...but Einstein's theory actually provides the reason for why the initial conclusion was faulty. ;)

"she's kinda Prussian, if you know what I mean." I actually don't. I have been puzzling over the implication and am completely dumbfounded. (speaking of, anyone ever see the Always Sunny episode about "The Implication?" Fucking hilarious... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ1lc6KASWg)

Kaz, aw, what a buzzkill. I was really hoping it was true, because how cool is it to imagine that alternate realities and time warps and shit like that could really actually exist...

Natalie, worm holes could still account for all that. I think.

To possess another language is to possess another soul - Charles V

Kaz, the CERN paper authors are claiming (in Nature) that they had already accounted for the effect you describe, as well as many of the other objections/explanations raised, such as the differences in the gravity well at the two locations. The latest theory has something to do with Weak Force Asymetry, which is way beyond my hobbiest capabilities to understand.

Happy 7th anniversary of the 2004 WS victory. Send in your copper and wool to the front office.

The whole faster than light debate is already yesterday'sl or tomorrow's? news. The 2011 Redsox have already settled that you can arrive at an end before even...

Lackey is pulled and on his way to a plate of drumsticks before his first pitch.

Elsbury reaches first before he even starts he is so fast.

(the team winning 100 games and the WS before playing the first game of the season was just a stray data point and is disgarded so as not to skew the results)

Knock,knock,knock. "Hello...McFly"

Steve, according to the Nature News article, the time synch issues aren't just a single problem and while some have been satisfied, others haven't. Also, without going to weak force asymmetry, the other issue brought up in the Nature article is interesting. If the cross-section of the neutrinos that reach the sensor is broad enough so as to reduce what's being recorded by 20% of what's being put out, you'd get a time-stretching appearance to the resulting calculations. So it could be that the beam isn't very good for this kind of measurement.

The math is kinda hard to follow on the web version because of incompatible fonts, but the debate is lievely. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Like GM tenures, I think the Standard Model can use a shake up every ten years or so.

Assuming that "Meet the new offseason, as intense as the old onseason" is a tribute to the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again", at what other Red Sox-related blog would you get references to classic rock and Bachelard, French and discussion of Eintein's relativity and wormholes -- all on the same day, no less.

None, I say.

That's what makes Soxaholix (and of course us) so special.

Crushin' the Prussian? Excellent. Carry on, then.

My head is spinning faster than those neutrinos. I can't keep up with you guys. Couldn't we keep this simple? Say a conversation about the old Addams Family show? Or maybe a Morticia-inspired RealDoll?

Prussian enough? Not?

Good one, SAC. But don't Prussians usually do the crushin?

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