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Make way for intelligent user agents

Well, things have finally reached the nadir. I'm agreeing with the CHB on this one.


"I love the notion that the Sox are in their offices working furiously to correct the problems of 2011 and make things better for 2012 . . . all while Epstein is still running baseball ops. Don’t they usually change the locks and walk you to your car when you take a job at a competitor?"


Meanwhile, you can take Epstein but you can't have Carmine.


Yeah, well, Carmine is so yestahday.



Larry L. is running baseball ops. And will be, even after Ben is named GM.

Larry L. is also running special ops in Afghanistan. And will be, even after the withdrawal.

Oh, and I agree about CHB's column yesterday. It was actually insightful. But he's still a dick-shank.

Well, while we're waiting for Theo to clean out his desk, Pats survived Rob Ryan's defense and head into the bye week 5-1 and atop the division. Pretty good considering how Gawd-awful that defense is.

Only Angel Face gets to call it Carmine. You should probably call it "The Big Ragu", h.b.

Carmine. The Real Doll of GM software.

Jesus. I can't fucking believe being a red sox fan has come to this again. On the other hand, it feels sort of comforting. Like we're back from this strange journey into the wilderness known as "respectability" and we are back home in the clean manicured plains of "Laughingstock."


The Big Ragu, played by Worcester's own Eddie Mekka, the pride of Burncoat High School. He performed at an Italian Festival down here in FL a couple years back. Still singing "Rags to Riches"...

I think Mr. Mekka appeared in summer stock at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine earlier this summer. Later, Sally Struthers appeared. I think that's all you need to know about his career arc.

As for the Red Sox, I'm not falling for this again, ever.


While I give Lester SOME credit for admitting the beer drinking and saying they shouldn't have been doing it, blaming Tito for the lack of structure is just wrong and admitting they "pushed the envelope" with him smacks of unbelievable childishness -- seeing what they could get away with. Aren't these 20-30 somethings adults?

This team, like a great much of this country, needs an enima. No, they are not pleasant. Yes, they are quite messy and everyone has an opinion on the stuff coming out of the whole operation. But sometimes, its the only way.

Just catching up on Lester comments. Speaks further to me that is shitstorm originated with Theo's team building. He built a roster unfit for his manager. Dumb.

Not sure what's worse - that lingering taste of vomit in my mouth from the last game of the year...or agreeing with CHB.

Garbage in, Epstein out?
Perhaps Carmine can become an open source project.

//Aren't these 20-30 somethings adults?//

They've been coddled and getting away with murder since they could strike everybody out in 6th grade. Nothing is changed.

//Aren't these 20-30 somethings adults?//

They've been coddled and getting away with murder since they could strike everybody out in 6th grade. Nothing is changed.

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