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Guarded Optimism

Well, for the first time since the Septembocalypse, I actually feel like things are looking up again.


What struck me about Cherington is how he comes across as the so-called "smahtest guy in the room" and yet doesn't seem to give a shit about being the smahtest guy in the room.


On the othah hand, despite all the sounds bites of "the Sox are on solid ground" and "from talking to players there’s a great motivation to clean up whatever does need to be cleaned" variety, let's not kid ourselves. This is one fuck of a mess of a ballclub.


Seriously. There's no guarantee this whole thing isn't going to be the equivalent of photoshopping a Lindsay Lohan centahfold and packaging it up as something new.


When, as the D-Listed dude so eloquently puts it, the reality is "every pair of eyeballs on this planet have seen Lindsay Lohan's freckled titty sacks so much that we could all draw them from memory on an Etch-A-Sketch."



Also, I didn't know Muppets needed their arm tendons tightened.

Dude, Theo's letter made me tear up, for realsies. I am such a sap for this sport. That said, Hot Stove (cleanup) season will be verrrrrry interesting this year. Let's do this thing, Ben.

BC claims there will be no flashy, big name free agent signings. But he also limited that comment to pitchers. I think that means he may sign Carl Crawford!

Lackey out for 2012 is the best news I heard yesterday. Talk about addition by subtraction. He's the poster child. Maybe the doc can tighten some of his scowling facial tendons while he's at it.

I've never been happier to hear the words "Tommy" and "John" before.

lol, soxinsix. Either that, or a lobotomy.

Yay! Cheers to a Lackeyless 2012! Maybe this means Soxsplosion, 2011 is finally fizzling...

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