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At least the Rays lost. Friggin chumps.

"The Red Sox won't talk to me wah wah wah."


First, if the front office were to talk, is there anybody left who still trusts the CHB and the rest that bunch to report honestly?


Second, I'm glad the Red Sox aren't talking because right now the last thing I want to listen to is the Red Sox spin machine.


And as for Theo Epstein, enjoy Chicago. I hope you and your bestie Obama have a sweet life there togethah.


It's gonna be a long wintah.


The fuck it is.



Yeah, why would the Red Sox talk to ANY Boston reporter, after the slicing and dicing they've been doing the past few days. I'm not saying the reporters shouldn't do their jobs, but I don't blame the Sox for cutting off the information flow.

Hey, here's something pretty funny to lighten the mood:


Theo seems to be involved in the search for a new manager. Would he being that if he were on his way out the door? I think he is staying in Boston.

That's pretty funny, Bob. It would have been even better if they had lost last night. The Lackey of the MFY pitching staff gives up 1 run in 6 innings? Go figure.

Fuck these bootlicking reportahs. The entire season they fail to report on anything worth a shit, then when the Sox shit the bed, they're fucking Woodward and Bernstein with FUPAs.

I'm looking forward to post-game interviews next season:
So, Josh Beckett...one hit ball through nine. How did that win feel?

Go fuck yourself.

Youk, your third walk-off hit of the season. What were you looking for at the plate?

Eat a bag of dicks.

Etc., etc. These wannabe famous Boston reportahs are all cheesed up that they can rip into the team with impunity, but they can't; the 'punity' will come next year after the Sox have sorted some shit out.

Really fucking long winter! So, as a born and breed New Englander, I know the wives' tale about the Woolly Bear caterpillars being able to predict the length of winter (the longer the orange middle part, the longer the winter)...well, I saw one the other day THAT WAS ALL ORANGE! We're doomed...at least according to the Farmer's Almanac...http://www.almanac.com/content/predicting-winter-weather-woolly-bear-caterpillars

Couldn't agree with da Kline more...Knights of the Keyboard all year, never a peep about any discord, now they're all Shank.....f'em

Couldn't agree with da Kline more...Knights of the Keyboard all year, never a peep about any discord, now they're all Shank.....f'em

I would be very happy if Theo moves on. Hopefully he will take his crappy band with him too.

I don't know if John Henry just didn't know or didn't care what was happeneing in the clubhouse, but it hsa to be clear to him now that Theo needs to be in the unemeployment line with Tito. Those two guys had the responsibility to run herd on the players and by all accounts, they didn't. I can live with a bad season, I can live with April and Septemeber being this bad, but looking the other way while players were drinking in the clubhouse before (and probably during) the game and not culling the cancers in the clubhouse was simply a lack of responsibility. If Chicago wants Theo, they can have him.

Standing slow clap from this corner for Steven Rockwell's comment.

Since Theo: 2 for 9.
Before Theo: 0 for my life.
So, thanks Theo.

That said, Management's stated goal is 'make the playoffs every year and win the WS once every 8 years'. We've missed the playoffs twice in a row - time for a change.

Honestly, too, besides 1) having the guts to trade Nomar 2) going to Thanksgiving dinner at the Schillings has Theo done anything that differently from any other "replacement level" GM?

And, of course, there's Renteria, Drew, Lackey, Matsuzaka et al on his watch as well.

I hear Tito is doing color commentary on Fox during the ALCS.

Drive a harder bargain for Epstein. Make them take Lackey too.

Hb, i know that is a rhetorical question, but the answer is no. And if there were a new metric called Wins Above Normalized Gm (WANG), where the Wins Above is divided by the team annual salary, then Theo has a small WANG.

Lackey & Crawford seem to be the two really big mistakes. Is it certain that Theo pushed for these acquisitions, or could ownership have done so instead? (Lucchino, Henry or Werner)

The one, big free agent he seemed to really "own" was Adrian Gonzalez. Pretty good player.

Get a grip, Boston fans, this guy's the best in the business.

Dear Theo: This is what you do with high priced free agent pitchers that don't perform.


PS: Please don't sign him.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You were an advertising icon for having the balls to go with concepts nobody else at Apple would approve. The famous "1984" spot would never have run if left to your underlings.

You belong in one of your own commercials:


Sorry, here's the full version:


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