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All stuped up

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'd had family visiting for the long weekend, and while I was able to pop out a strip yesterday, today I'm abosultely putting the stup in stuporous.

Should be back to normal tomorrow.



I made falafel last night. With the amount of toxic gas escaping from me, I'm putting the porous in stuporous.

This is bullshit! I want my money back.

The last 3 innings of the Detroit - Texas game were some awesome baseball last night. And I though Tito did pretty well in his debut as a color guy. I'd certainly rather listen to him than McCarver.

Yeah, Tito sounded pretty comfortable behind the mike. I think he could make a pretty good career in broadcasting. Or, you know, managing.

You can tell it to us straight, h.b. We know you were arrested last night at OccupyBoston and just made bail in time to post this placeholder. It's cool, man. We're all part of the 99%.


Yep. I got $100 to show up and a $250 bonus to take a dump on a police car.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to shit on demand like that, and with people watching and all too, but then I was like, "Si se puede!" and the turd just eased out smoother than a stimulus loan to a bankrupt green jobs company.

Felt fucking good. Power to people!

Well, one anagram of popo is poop...

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I was doing some research on the State of Alabama website and found that the State Treasurer's name is Young Boozer. Is that a great name or what?

Hey, I'd take a dump on police car for free. I have issues with authority.

Can we combine the two bowel movements and just Occupy a Party? I could get into some fiscal resposibiliy but dont really want to be required to be a dick to my fellow Americans. I could get into some corporate civic responsibility, but dont want to be required to live on the street and shit on unsuspecting cop cars. I want to have a choice about when to be a dick and shit.

Here's a blog that's not only excellent on every level, but I think it may be Kaz's.


Mmm. Ms. Prince. For all the things she does allow.

On a different note. Jonathon Papelbon on WEEI, summed up "I am a douche."

Yeah Paps,but you're our douche ;D

not for long

not for long


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