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A is for acrid, B is for bitter,...

One strike, not once but twice, one strike away from winning the World Series and the Rangahs can't get it done.


They are toast. Texas toast.


Yeah, even Walkah, Texas Rangah, couldn't save them now.


Tony LaRussa is already planning his celebratory meal of tofu and lentils.


So no empathy for the Rangahs considering the similarity with '86?


Empathy is for pussies. Real men fill their hahts with bittahness.


Seriously. Bittah is so friggin undah rated.


Absolutely. I mean imagine a world without bittah ale?


Or bittah greens?


Or bittah clingahs?


If bittahness is wrong, well, then I do want to fight.


Give me bittahly or give me death!



"Empathy is for pussies. Real men fill their hahts with bittahness."

Instant classic. Thank you for warming the cockles of my black little heart this chilly morning.

Plus, let's just say it plainly. Dallas is the town that killed Kennedy. Any evil that befalls them is karmic retribution.

And thus, H.B. launches the first packaged goods product based on Soxaholix:

Bitter Patch Kids. The longer they suck, the more bitter they taste.

RE last night's game. I don't think Texas has a chance now, either. But there are those who compare this to '75. In which case the Reds, uh, Rangers, will win tonight because Boston, uh, St. Louis, blew its load last night. Although if I remember correctly, the Red Sox were up 3-0 after 5, 3-2 after 6, and were tied going into the 9th of Game 7.

Pass me a Bitter Patch Kid.

Jim, my friend Robert and I were watching Game 5 together, and he had a funny line about the area beyond center field at the Rangers park:

"Jesus, even their ballpark has a grassy knoll."

// "Jesus, even their ballpark has a grassy knoll." //

Best line I've heard in awhile!

BTW did anyone catch any of that "The Kennedys" mini-series that was axed for actual network showing but is available from Netflix streaming?

I confess I really liked Katie Holmes as Jackie.

If the Cardinals win the World Series and nobody is watching then does it count?


We watched old Star Trek episodes last night.

H.B., have you ever put a pillbox hat on your Real Doll?

The douchebag announcers put a mighty gooch on Texas with comments like, "The Texas Rangers are 2 strikes away from being World Champions!"
Then they accent the jinx with supporting graphics suggesting they are amongst the fraternity of "long time drought sufferers like the Cubs & Indians" and how "that's about to end". If it were the Sox out there, I'd go postal on my plasma.

Those broadcasters diminish the game experience for me so I'm me rallying 'round Texas. Besides... Fuck the Cardinals. Been hating them since '67.

Yes, and white gloves too.

Well mlb.com has already called it (or they know the fix is in) with this headline from last night: "Crushing defeat delays Texas' celebration"

Carpenter on short rest like Lonny in '67? Payback is a bitch.

Shucks...and the Texas clubhouse was already chocked full of magnums full of chilled Sprite and club soda!

Speaking of taking the bitter with the sweet: IHOP is giving away free pancakes today. But then you have to eat them.

Steve in MD, in case you didn't see today's news on CERN & the faster-than-light neutrinos: Experiment to be redone with different conditions to rule out potential errors

McCarver just cannot ever shut his pie hole. And Little Joey has never told a joke or laughed at himself in all his years on this planet. Hordes of great "dugout-banter" guys in this game, and these two annoyances are the best MLB can come up with? If they were sitting in the seats next to you, you'd be obligated to spill your beer on them. You'd owe to the rest of your section.

Sheriff Nolan should just come out on that mound, in his 80's raincoat, bean a coupla Cardinals, and mow down the rest to close it down for the season.

I'm shocked no one has gone here yet:

In baseball, Chuck Norris always hits a homerun because the ball tries to get as far away from him as possible.

Chuck Norris played baseball once. He went 4 for 3.

Chuck can show ballgames without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.

Great bar on the LES called "Amor y Amargo," (Love and Bitterness)- only serve bitter drinks, make their own vermouth. Big recommendation for those in town...

I'm bitter and sad this morning. A genius, Mikey, the sushi chef from Kabuki Shoruku in Sydney died yesterday aged ageless. Apart from mrs sdu and the 8 year old 'Sox fan, I can't think of another person I have had more laughs with than Mikey over the last fews years even though I rarely had a clue what he was saying. RIP Mikey, the tuna won't miss you but I will.


PS Great strip. Good, badly played, game yesterday.

My condolences, sdu. A good friend is hard to find. A good friend who can make great sushi, even more so.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

"Empathy is for pussies. Real men fill their hahts with bittahness."


The gooch has officially been passed to the town that killed Kennedy.

The gooch has officially been passed to the town that killed Kennedy.

SDU, you must have been there for this. What's your take?


I would do anything for cash...but I won't do that...butt smellers ;O

I have to say - although the bourbon had not kicked in at that point - my memory of Meatloaf is scanty. I recall he was there. I recall laughing and saying something inappropriate to the 8 year old 'Sox fan. But beyond that I have no memory - it seemed now worse than the usual pre-game entertainment. Half time at the Superbowl it isn't.

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