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2011 Wrapped (put on doorstep and set aflame)

The final out of the 2011 baseball season, a freak Octobah snowstorm, and a rare loss to the Steelahs... I've had bettah weekends.


It gets late early around here these days.


At least we've got the hunt for a new skip to keep us paying attention.


Ah, Dale Sveum, now there's the stuff dreams are made of.


Golden memories. Heh.



it's Dale Sveum, not Dave

// it's Dale Sveum, not Dave //

Yes, yes it is.

Fixed. Thanks.

(At least I got it right for the 2004 flashback strip.)


I'm gonna live forever
I'm gonna learn how to fly

I feel it coming together
People will see me and cry

I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame

I'm gonna live forever
Baby remember my name...

Dale Sveum? Dale Sveum? WTF?!?! Is this some macabre Halloween nightmare? I do not know these Red Sox any more. It's like a midlife crisis in our marriage- the Sox have just come home with a new head of fake hair, an Ed Hardy wardrobe and a Camaro...(now in my head I am singing an old country tune about heading for the Big D, and I don't mean Dallas)...

Been out of touch for a few days. Are they really considering Dale Sveum? Didn't they see enough of him as a third base coach to know better? Just shoot me now.

Tony LaRussa retired. Or is that old news?

Dale SWAME. Fucker cant even spell his name right. Might as well bring back that dickbag Duquette.

Bad enough he sends all runners home no matter what when hes a 3rd base handler, as manager? Good God, every batter goes to second no matter what, every base runner goes to 3rd and then SEND HIM HOME on the same steel no matter what, every outfielder throws to home, .... It works pretty well in coach pitch though.

What bothers me most about the Sveum thing is that, on the heels of Cherington, it appears that ownership wants only "Sox" people, rather than fresh blood. Such insularity strikes me as a big old circle jerk: not exactly, um, "fruitful," now is it?

Sveum managing a circle jerk - "Lackey, get off the mound! If you stay around, no one will be able to finish! Hey guys, when I make this windmilling motion with my arm, that means its time to take it home! And keep your Sveum off my shoe tops."

I hear the Sox asked MLB for permission to talk to Joe Torre... Okay, I just made that up, but I needed a fantasy for the circle-jerk.

I'd rather bring back Dick Williams.

I'd rather bring back Ted Williams.

(Well, at least SOMEBODY running this organization would be interested in getting some brains.)

Bring back Dick Williams? Today's the perfect day for it. But I can just see next season's headlines:

Red Sox eating brains in clubhouse during game.

How about Mickey?


Sdu - what the hell is a "preliminary final"? Sounds like an oxymoron on the order of "jumbo shrimp" or "military intelligence".

Guy does sound like what we need in the clubhouse though...

Dale Sveum-Windmilling motion=Dutch Rudder???

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