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Triple Sow Cow Reverse Gooch

Well, we've said before that you can't achieve a historic epic collapse with just the anti-heroics of a single playah...


That's right. There's no "I" in epic collapse... hey, wait a second...


Yep it takes a total team effort to eff things up this badly and alas Jonathan Papelbon has stepped up to play his role.


Everybody needs to contribute in his own special way.


Absolutely. To reach these depths it stahts with botching the basic fundamentals.


Seriously. Fuck up the fundamentals first. Then move to small ball fail, long ball fail, stahting pitching fail, relief pitching fail...


And if you can get all that disfunction together, well, maybe, just maybe you have what it takes to go down in infamy.


Just a few games to go now fellahs and you'll make history.


Don't go all chokey now and fuck it up by not fucking it up.


Si, se puede!



Oddly enough the Spanks are doing their part to keep them in it.

Well, if I'm the Yanks, I'd rather see the Sox than the Rays in a potential ALCS.

I can't believe I checked the scores last night and was happy to see the Yankees win. In September.

Again, hb, you have captured my exact mood. I have gone through each of Kubler-Ross' stages of grief and have blown past acceptance to actual wry amusement. I check the scores periodically throughout the evening and when each look is successively worse than the last, I actually chuckle. It's gotten to the point of camp for me - so bad it's good. Yep, the 2011 Sox are the Showgirls of baseball.

So if they perform poorly does this mean ticket prices will go down?? j/k

I'm with you, COD. As much as it pains me to root for the MFY, that is what we are reduced to. What a fucking disaster.

2007 Mets, anyone?

Why am I so oddly comforted by h.b.'s, er, the "characters'" convo today? Gallows humor? The warmth of creepy fellow Soxaholix commiseration? The belief/hope in the power of "Teh Gooch"?

Maybe I just need more coffee...

After last night's game, I tried auto-erotic Schadenfreude for the first time. And I liked it. God forgive me, I liked it.

This team should do the honorable thing and fall on their sword. Just give the slot to the Rays or the Angels.

beep. beep....

gotta go.

trailer truck full of sunsets just backed up to the loading dock.



It's bad. "Woken up in the middle of the night frozen in fear by the fact that you just pissed yourself...in HER bed" bad. Sure, you could just leave but word would get around the office. Hell, she's your boss! She'll probably just fire you!

I mean...what do you even do at that point? No. Seriously, what do you do because her alarm is set for 11 AM today and I don't know if I should just bolt or not.

Bob, that was hilarious. Need brain bleach to get the consequent image out of my head, though...

"And the number of the counting shall be three..." -- NY Yankees, 9/20/11

They struggled mightily against mighty O's. Everything old is new again. What the hell are they gonna do if they actually make the playoffs?

This is like a car wreck that I shouldn't watch but I just can't turn away.

"Never rooted for the MFY."

- Tombstone ordered in 8th.

I don't want to see them get swept by the Tigers, but have to root to avoid the "collapse". If only to make the haters at BSPN shut the F up. There is another WC race in the NL they have completely ignored.

MFY are going to close up shop after this series and rest their regulars in the final 6 between the Sox and Rays, so they need to win it actively rather than allowing someone else to beat the Rays. If that's possible anymore, of course.

Baseball, as of late, has become a bit unappealing.

No sun drenched beauty of Fall and playoff references from h.b. this September.

Here is a comic, but unfortunately apropos this Fall, description of baseball:

Rudi - very funny. But there goes this week's productivity as I feel the need to read the entire Dinosaur archive.

I think Lazlo tied h.b. in capturing my mood. A car wreck indeed.

GameCasting Yanks-Rays. Feel dirty.

2-2, bottom of 8.

Anyone else see the NY Post article about the scumbag Yank fan who served some child support papers on Bedard yesterday right before the game then bragged about it on Facebook? F-ing douchebag... Typical Yankme fan.

ARod doubles in 2. I feel filthy.

If the United Farm Workers could do it '72, so can the '11 Sox!


If the United Farm Workers could do it '72, so can the '11 Sox!


Could the last one outta Fenway please turn off the lights tonight?


wait, what?

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