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Some things are certain...

So I guess we need to ignore the elephant in the room?


I have no problem overlooking the elephant — but the elephant's scat?

I am aware.
I am aware.


Now 2 and a half off the lead. And Beckett's hurt.


A comfortable 7 game lead in the Wild Cahd but...


Cue the ominous music...


How comfortable would you feel going into Tampa Bay with just a 6 game cushion?


Hey, you guys, 2003 called and it wants its crazy panic attack back.


I mean, c'mon, relax and have faith, 2 World Series victories Tito has it all undah control.


Are you that certain?


Is Albert Haynesworth a reformed villan?


Is Chaz Bono a man?


Was the Stimulus one fuck of a job saving plan?


In other words, yeah, total mothah humpin' certitude.



Limping to the Wild Card isn't a recipe for success. But fighting through adversity and gaining intensity in September is... so hopefully Beckett's injury will galvanize the rest of the team, which has let too much of the weight fall on a few superstar shoulders this year.

It's just (another) one of those mini losing streaks this team goes into too regularly. That's all. Just a mini losing streak. And an injured ace. And a Youk who's in a terrible slump. And a $14 million sore middle finger. And a rotation that's only two-deep (oh wait, the ace is hurt, make that 1-deep).

Nothing to worry about. Really. All year long, as soon as we go into one of these mini losing streaks, Beckett pitches us out of...oh.

Beckett, Lester, and Buchholtz - a great playoff rotation. With Lackey in the wing. I'll take it.

Did I hear McCarver talking about the injury to Ted Lowrie on Saturday? Ted?

I'm with Bob. Our rotation is decimated, they're now batting Crawford, despite his grand slam, behind the likes of Conor Jackson. Youk is not right. Gonzo has cooled way down, especially as an RBI machine. Not much to be optimistic about right now, but hopefully they'll get on a little bit of a roll.

Yesterday I said I hated my favorite team.. Today I will explain why...

I have had 5 months of hot foreplay and now I think the Red Sox are going to give me blue balls.

Sorry 'bout your blue balls there Jeff. Add that to my feeling of violation after the weekend and we're only a trumpet and a feather boa away from this devolving into a big ol' deviant free for all. Do you think we could we get John Hancock to sponsor that?

It's been a week of shitty baseball, hasn't it? I got my balls busted watching them lose to the Yankees on Thursday. My boss got to witness the horrific game against Texas on Friday. Then yesterday they can't score a single run on Toronto in 11 innings?

At least our QB's name isn't Peyton Manning.

Soxinsix, at least he didn't confuse him with Mike Lowrey.

Actually, that would be kind of cool.

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