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Now that does feel good

Tim Wakefield, Congratu-friggin-lations!


Now wasn't that worth waiting for?


Though as much as I'm happy with the win, could we get a little consistency and spread this around a bit?


Seriously, as Dave Pinto points out, the Sox have scored 72 runs in 12 Septembah games for a seemingly awesome 6.0 run average.


But here's the rub — 54 of those runs came in 4 games.


Yeah, those 4 games are the baseball equivalent to make up sex.


Absolutely. And while the therapy industry will warn you that make up sex can't solve the deepah problems, nobody evah says no to it.


A win is a win is a win.



Multiple score-gasms?


So, I got my postseason ticket reservation email from my mini-season ticket holding last night.

They gave me tickets to ALDS Home Game Three. Soooo, either we beat the Yankees AND the Rays over the next two weeks or we beat the first round ALDS opponent so they're forced to give me ALCS tickets (I'm guaranteed 1 postseason ticket)...but seriously, Red Sox, giving me Home Game Three is pretty bush league.

Oh yeah: Timmah!

Ahhh...The dead-cat-bounce-make-up-sex...Nothing quite like it!

Kaz, they gave me ALDS Home Game 1. Which is cool. But once again, they've moved me from my bleacher seats with the great view to a crappy right field-ish grandstand section.


Make up sex analogy? Frickin' fantastic and spot on. To continue the metaphor, hopefully last night presages an utterly fantastic reconciliation that lasts at least through the end of October and includes lots of giddy sex, on every surface, in every possible position...

Bob - that's nothing. My season tickets are in Sect. 10, and every year I end up under the scoreboard facing what I assume is Portland, Maine. What is most galling is that every year I'm told these are a random seat assignment. Yet, same seats, and for the last two playoffs, same seatmates.

Thanks, as always, for the link.

Wake and bake!!!

There's more than one position?

Soulie, I can attest to the randomness. I've been as far back as the second to last row in the furthest bleachers (even further than the scoreboard), as close as the little wedge of seats next to the Monster in LF Grandstand, and also in the 2nd row of the bleachers right behind the bullpen.

I've never recognized anyone around me either.

GSGH, I think Natalie was talking about how Lowrie can play SS or 3B. You know...more than one position.

I take partial credit for this win because I noticed that before every game after win 199, I wrote "Timmuh" or a variant thereof on game day. Yesterday, I decided to not only cease writing such things, but not to comment at all. I'm being completely serious. That's how superstitious I am. His win only reinforces my stupid placation of the baseball gods (cf., me not shaving my sideburns after game 4 of the 2004 ALCS until the WS win.)

I don't think Wake is going to get to 192.

The 2012 schedule is out:


Re. 2012 schedule: how many games has Lackey lost already?


I'm giving you a stand ovation just now... a most excellent use of the humor lobe.


I'm giving you a stand ovation just now... a most excellent use of the humor lobe.

Daniel Bard needs a new position; this one hurts.

WTF has happened to Bard?

Daniel Bard needs to be the 5th-7th inning guy, now...

If Bard isn't playing with an injury, please send him to the sports shrink Pap went to for some emergency therapy. He has been a one-armed wrecking crew in recent weeks... Jeebus!

Come back Oki-san
Now all has been forgiven
The fall in the fall.

Bard has made the most appearances of the pitching staff. Innings aren't that high compared to Aceves, Albers, etc but still a lot of games. Tired arm?

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