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Mo Better (and we've got the blues)

Despite the slugging in the 2nd half of the double, I can't think of anything good to say.


Well, like my mothah always told us kids, "If you can't say anything nice than don't say anything at all."


OK. With that mind, then, a tip o' the cap to Mo Rivera.


Greatest Closah Evah.


I should warn you that my mothah also said, "You kids need to clean your plates. Don't you know there are children starving in Africa fercrissakes?!" which led to my sistah's eating disordah and eventual hospitalization.


So don't get all carried away.



Well, I was prepared to post something about Lackey almost giving away a 6 run lead, but I hear my own mother's "if you can't say anything nice..." admonishment in my head, so I'll refrain. But his ERA is 6.49, worst in Sox history for a starter. 'Nuff said.

Those last two panels are some funny shite, H.B.

BTW, Wednesday is the last home game of the season. Or should I say, of the regular season. (Optimism isn't usually my thing, but I'm going to ride that horse until it gets to the glue factory.)

"Finish your beer,there are thirsty children in Africa"

When I tried the Africa line with my kids they offered to mail their leftovers to Africa.

From the ProJo, regarding Lackey and his ERA of 6.49:
"No pitcher in Red Sox history has finished with an ERA higher than 6.00 while pitching 150 or more innings in a season. Not even a complete-game shutout in his final start. . . could get his ERA under 6."

Trying to stay positive, but...

I *did* enjoy Elsbury's inside-the-park homah. Not much else worthy of getting excited about.

Saving my Starbuck's money to rent a sunset from Lou's Emporium.

Enough already. Make Aceves a starter. Enough of Weiland, Miller, Lackey, and (sorry to say it)Wakefield. Really, he can't be any worse than any of that bunch. Can he?

Bill must have had the same mother I did !!!

With regard to Lackey, we now have verification that he sucks this year as much as we thought -- the worst in Sox history. And yet, he's one of the highest-paid pitchers in Sox history (I think 3rd behind Pedro and Beckett).

I agree Aceves should start.

But look on the bright side,they couldn't be any worse next year, could they ??

Oh wait-how many years left on Lackey's contract?? ;D

Count me in on the Aceves to start thing. Better 5 good innings at the start than 4 good innings at the end of a lost cause

Lackey stares down Tito everystep of the way from the dugout...You got to be freakin' kiddin' me...The unmitigated gall of someone with a +6 ERA actuslly having a hissy fit, sent me into a rage. He should have been down on his knees thanking Tito for saving him from a +7 ERA on the season.

Redsox, my darling, you hurt me so. Why hast thou forsaken us? We grew up together. Even then I like liked you. Sometimes you even showed me a little somethin. Kept me up at night, dreaming. Oh the dreams were hot. Then, I think it was in 04, you finally kissed me. Oh god, what a kiss. I never thought you would, then you did. God I loved you. Still think about it like I am a 13 year old with all the butterflies, the blood rushing, wow. Then, o h m y g o d, only a few short years later you took me all the way! Stars and Stripes Forever (look it up)! I will never love anyone else after that. There is even this one dude, no one really knows his name, but he was so turned on by you going all the way for us that he couldnt wait for the next turn so he bought a real doll. Thats how hard we all fell for you. Then this year, it felt like it was going to be the greatest year ever! Dancing, partying, winning, late nights together - this was going to be more than a teenagers little fling. This was going to be the real, in the prime party of a lifetime with you. You were hanging out with cool dudes like Ellsbury and Beckett and Adrian. Though for the life of me I can not see why you let that ugly fuck Lackey in the door. But hey! This was going to be the hottest baseball orgy of ever! Ya, I know there are these few guys who keep coming around trying to show me how hot their Yankee girl is. But shit, she looks like a jailbroken ho in those stripes and Yankee? Who the hell wants to hang out with a girl called Yank? Thats fine for a few minutes behind the bleachers, but not someone to take home to mom. She is a skank. You are a goddess.

And then you quit on me. Why? Did I do something to make you mad? This was going to be our summer of love! You hurt me so. I dont even want to watch you right now. It hurts too much. But dont worry Redsox, I will always love you. I will wait around for you to see me again. a few small flashes of 18-9 skin is nice of you, but its not love. i will wait until you are ready again.

oh, fuck this. dont say anything if you cant say something... balls. this team is pissing me off.

Welcome to the big leagues, Jeff. ;)

with great power comes great responsibility.

shitty power? coast home.


Jeff-you lost me @ my darling ;O

Not for nothing, but this is sloppy goddamn baseball I am listening to.


And of course I had just finished reading the article on the Red Sox site titled, "Papelbon awed, motivated by Rivera."

Jeff, you had me with "... this team is pissing me off." But I too had big expectations that this would be one great summer. 100 wins and all that bs. And now it's so bad, I actually want the Yanks to win to keep the Rays behind us. And, I hate cheering for the Yankees.

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