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Just because...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Because channeling Marty yesterday has left me dyspeptic;
Because I thought yesterday was Friday;
Because September with the Red Sox has compromised my immune system;

I am taking today off.



Let's hope the Yankees take today off as well, and that the Red Sox don't.

Today, tomorrow, and Sunday too!

'Pies win!! Sox don't lose!!!

Hopefully the Sox won't follow suit. No. They won't. They're going to win today. I've decided. I look forward to the Monday victory comic.

not taking/posting my comments. fuck em

well that one slipped throug

To gooch or not to gooch, that is the question. Who cares.

To gooch or not to gooch, that is the question. Who cares.

we are experiencing the bonch of the season

CHB's column today in Globe suggests that Tito's job may be on the line...well someone is enjoying September swoon.

CHB's column today in Globe suggests that Tito's job may be on the line...well someone is enjoying September swoon.

The beauty thing is, a couple of wins this weekend and we'll be reinvigorated. Like 2 shots and a big fatty after a long Friday!! That's all it's gonna take.

Somebody should give Shank 2 shots and a big fattie ;D

God I'm busy today; busier than a cursed National league team looking for a new GM and manager.

Some linkage from the NY Times today: http://bats.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/23/from-boston-blogs-the-discouraging-word-on-the-red-sox/

The CHB copies Gammons. The talking heads relishing in the demise of the Red Sox. Cashman revising history about chasing Crawford, all just to tweak the Redsox. Russel Martin all of a sudden a lifetime Redsox hater. The MFY's taking a division at was the Redsox' to lose.

This sure does suck an awful lot.

But not quite as bad as losing a 3-0 lead in the ALCS. Still the top moment in sports suckitude.

Taking my joy where I can.

The Sox in an epic slump, swamped at work, and now today's beer cart is cancelled.

Oh well. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll something fun to yak about on Monday.


You just cannot make this stuff up: Posada's skincare secrets revealed. Yeesh.

Umm, beer cart?

this tanks just feels empty.

looking for a flux capacitor this weekend so we can go back to May.

Keep your eyes open for a thunderstorm,Sonoma ;D

JesusChristinarowboat. There is no crying in pocket pool is only available in kindle? I thought he used to be a shortstop for the Cubs. Will I be the last reader on the eastern coast to get one? I like the feel of the bat..I mean book-- just like Pussada.
Give us old people the book.

Don't need a Kindle Pa, just the Kindle app for your phone or computer. That's how I got it anyway.


That should get you started, if you so choose.

Also, hoping yesterday's postponement proves to be a blessing. If for nothing else but this team to get its head on straight.
And whoever started the 'replacing Tito' rumor needs a swift kick and some Sriracha to the eyes. Bastard(s).


Woke up to check the box score. Nice to see CC back in the 2-hole:
2 AB; 0 H; 0 RBI; 0 BB.

Well at least dude had 4 LOB. Oh, hang on.

Actually, that would be 3 at bats. Teh suck,2Bsure.



intended double post fuck y'all

It could all be tied tomorrow.

Point One: Tracey Stallard is 74!

point 2: For some reason,, the Jewish representatives of Our Human Race take it in the ass in the N Y T sports section 2 day. Winches remarkable. spend 7
7.00 on ir

Hey hb how about diabling the fucking password posts.You have got to be the biggest thing on wordpress

Still me but wtf

Hey Lou, you okay up there?


+ 0.500 and yet the magic number is 15! Lackey to redeem himself? Okay, the drugs are good down nhere, what can I say.

So we're reduced to hoping Lackey can stop the slide? Please, someone just shoot me.

this is going great

this is going great

I'm on hiatus ;D

And the magic number is:



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