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It's gonna be one of those days...

Hey, Bill, thought I'd call to give you a chance to congratulate me and the Yankees...


Drumroll, please... YOUR 2011 AL EAST CHAMPS!.


And, for those of you scoring this in Baaah-stin, that's 16 playoff appearances in the past 17 years.


Hello? Bill, are you still breathing? (I guess I could ask the same for the Red Sox. Heh-heh.)


Yeah, Mahty, ah, fuck you.


Aw... now now. Are you sour, Bill? Have you lost your lil' lyrical hopes and dreams of bandboxes and mushroom gatherers?


No, Mahts, I have not. And you know why? As awful as this team was at the staht of this season, it somehow found ways to beat the Yankees. And beat your asses they shall.


Oh, right. This series starting tonight still has meaning to the plucky Sawx. How cute.


You just better hope our bench team is hungover from celebrating, though, Bill, as the John Henry's have only won one game in September in which they scored fewer than 12 runs.


Oh, and did you notice, Billy, that the Angels and Rays both have their final 6 games at home.


Whatevah, Mahts. The Red Sox are still in the drivah's seat.


That's true. The Red Sox are in the driver's seat, but the only problem, Bill, is that in the passenger's seat sits Mary Jo Kopechne.


Bill slamming phone with thought bubble:


Bwahhhaaaahhhhaaa. Bwaaahahahhahaa.



OK, I LOL'ed at the Mary Jo Kopechne line. Well played HB.

Kopechne line was awesome, hb. Thanks for giving us something to laugh about.

Was it funny? Yes. Will I ever laugh at a Marty joke? No. Someday they'll find him dead, lying in his panel with finger marks around his neck. And I will be in the bathroom, frantically washing the cashmere-colored ink off of my hands.

Well played hb! Now if only some of your talent can rub off on...

I have to steal a friend's line on the MFY sweep yesterday: "This is like the last 70 years of US foreign policy: We turn a blind eye to the despots because they do our bidding."

How bad is it that even Mahty can't raise my ire above the level of annoyance.

I'd like this season to have been all unicorns and dolphins with rainbows flying out of their butts, but this just isn't going anywhere. Yes, I want them to get to the post-season; yes, I'll cheer them to the end. Unfortunately, with this pitching staff, I think the end will be bitter and soon in coming.

That said, Crawford finally had the game we expected from him all season...

Pretty much sums up the season. Things are going great, you have a little buzz on and you are headed to the beach for a quick little romp. Out of nowhere you hit a bump and find yourself up to your neck in water fighting for your life.

Switched to TBR/NYY after the debacle last night.

Anyone else ever watch a game and root for both teams to lose?

2011 Red Sox.....

In like a lamb, out like a lamb.

oh and to you Mahts and all your ilk... GFY

Good For You.

Nice work out of you!

I'm never disappointed by a drunk whorish trollope/assistant/friend of Esther Newberg reference.

on to the Series................

Mary Jo...that's great. If most of the Sox were driving, they would call 911 and tell what they need to tell. Slackey and Mr. "late" September Crawford? They would take the long Edwardian swim.

Mary Jo...that's great. If most of the Sox were driving, they would call 911 and tell what they need to tell. Slackey and Mr. "late" September Crawford? They would take the long Edwardian swim.

Mary Jo...that's great. If most of the Sox were driving, they would call 911 and tell what they need to tell. Slackey and Mr. "late" September Crawford? They would take the long Edwardian swim.


two short on the sorry's, pp

Ah, yes, the plucky Sox. How cute indeed. But is it my fault, perhaps? One night I turn it on and Pap implodes. The next night, I finally get a few minutes to watch and Beckett implodes. Maybe I should get a date with one of the Boiler Room girls.

Nobody found that Mary Jo joke just a bridge too far?

Had EMK been just an average Man on the street, he'd be fighting for release in front of the parole board after his first 10-15 years in Walpole!
The MFY's have a huge following there, BTW. Just saying...

Anyone out there have a "Dead Sox" poster? I saw one waaaaay back in the late '70's when the Grateful Dead were as big as they would ever be. It had members of the band interspersed among a Red Sox team photo. Jerry Garcia's head was on old Don Zimmer's body, LMAO! It had some other fun exchanges, like Bill Lee sitting between Phil Lesh (?) and Bob Weir. WARNING: I may have jussst a bit weird when I saw it ;-)!

Is there really a difference between Zim and Garcia's bodies?

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

Fuck off Mahty,

Wish me luck:

good luck, sdu. If for no other reason than I could use another Collingwood AFL champs hat

Best of luck, sdu! Go 'Pies!!

Best of luck, sdu! Go 'Pies!!

Thanks boys. A heart stopper. Maggies behind all game; hit the front with moments to go. 'Pies win by 3 points:
10 8 68
9 11 65

8 year old bruins and 'sox fan to attend his first grand final next Saturday (AEST).


Hands up who else was there?


photos, inevitably, will follow!

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