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Hughes and Abused

You know that statue The Thinkah? Well dude's thinking "where and the fuck did Ellsbury get his opposite field powah?"


Yeah, get this — When numbah 2 files his 1040, for occupation he puts "Jacoby Fucking Ellsbury."


This morning the Pope was having breakfast... on his toast was the face of Jacoby Ellsbury.


So you think Shaughnessy feels even a tinge of remorse for his "Ellsbury is faking injury" columns last season?


Pontiff Rat-Z should send a couple of ready to explode from repressed sexuality Opus Dei dudes ovah to the CHB's place to have, you know, a little tete-e-tete with Shank ovah the concept of bearing false witness against one's neighbah.


Put that shit on pay-per-view. Call it "Oh, hey! It's Opus Dei!"



Commence CHB bashing!

HB, loved the 'Pope & his toast' line almost as much as watching Ellsbury's dingah last night!

"Oh hey!It's Opus Dei-whatever happened to Jason Bay?" ;)

Jacoby's pact with the devil expires soon, but sources close to Satan say he'll go all-out to re-sign him.

I'd pay good money to see Boras and Satan go head to head,Bob.

Funny, I've never seen them together.

Harwich, your post suggests that they aren't one and the same...unless you're suggesting that it's like God and Jesus being the same guy but not the same...which would make Boras the anti-Christ!

Ok, I'll allow it.

What's wrong with Boras debating himself in the mirror? It's not like any of us ever talk to ourselves, right? Right?

You don't? Oh. Well we do.

When Boras looks in the mirror there's no reflection.

Numbah 2 - he's the Shit!

Which has probably been said before.

I submit that the CHB takes full credit for righting the USS Jacoby by way of his critical journalism that Jacoby must have read and said to himself, "Damn, I cant disappoint THIS guy".

I smell a book in all this.

When Shank wrote "The Curse of the Bambino", all I could think was "That's pretty audacious of him to take the same nickname as Babe Ruth".

Ellsbury is number one in the number two business?

Oh man, this has gooch written all over it:


It's been good to see Nolasox back in the ssddle over the last couple of days.

I was thinking the exact same thing, sdu.

hear, hear

"Back in the saddle again,out where an Indian's your friend" (wrong on multiple levels) ;O

"Where the vegetables are green,and you can pee right into the stream (and that's important)"

Actually, the Bozos have taken the bus back to the Bronx.

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