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Frustratus Erectus

So let me get this straight. Once again teetering on the precipice of his 200th win, Wakefield hands an 8-6 lead to Daniel Bard in the 8th.


A lead which Bard ignominiously shits away as he allows five runs on three walks — two with the bases loaded — and one hit.




And for those of you scoring this at home, that's one complete-game loss and three blown leads by the bullpen endured by Wake as he painstakingly attempts to add 200 victories to his war chest.


This is frustrating. I feel like a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.


No it's worse that that. This feels like being a one-inched pseudohermaphrodite at a record setting gangbang.


Ah, yes, I see your point. Now that would be truly disheartening.


"Neithah testis nor clitty
This Jack and Jill junk
Is a wee bit iffy."



But it's an ANGRY inch ;O

I hear the Real Doll Company is comping out with a new Jamie Lee Curtis model. For lifelike jiggle, it's filled with Activia yogurt.

That 8th inning was painful to watch, but oddly fascinating. Reminds me of a bris a friend invited me to years ago (his son's, not his).

I took a video of myself watching that 8th inning because I could just FEEL it coming for some reason.

Here it is on YouTube. Enjoy.


They'd probably find that funny on the YES network.

2-5 in September... Now these are my father's Red Sox. Be careful kid, they'll break your hart.


No, Circle, there is no God.

That's a brilliant clip Kaz.

It's hard to watch/read about.
And Wake taking some of the blame? Absolute Class. But I so badly want to do the 'It's not your fault' scene from Good Will Hunting with him. 'Cause...damn. :(

This team can't pull it together for Wake in how many attempts? What makes you think that they will pull it together for a WS?

Pats start on Monday...

Scott nails it. I am not really that interested in Wake's chase, it will happen, he will get there (like Jeter with 3,000) and the media is turning something organic into something manufactured and unnatural. That said, this team right now doesn't seem capable of withstanding the vagaries of a short series, and that worries me. I hope they snap to attention and ride a hot streak into the playoffs because otherwise, it's starting to feel like ALDS and out (esp if we get to face Verlander twice in a 5 game set)...Ugh.

I share the sentiment. There is really no other way to describe the game than "painful."

Flatulatis Erectus is right

Slip sliding away ....

There's gotta be an ALDS shirt in this material, surely?

"If you come into our state with a bullpen like this..."

So how much more money did Bard's throwing up on himself last night add to Pap's to-be-signed contract?

SAC, are you thinking something like:

The Texas DCJ has executed 234?
Well, the Texas Rangers have finished off 250.

Who's next?

MLB Playoffs 2011!

everytime I think bout this loss today I wanna puke..what ever happened to the 4 out save?

At least los birdos are keeping us alive:

Otherwise, teh suck!

[PS Stay tuned for late season Collingwood FC report]

Sigh...another loss...
hey, how's things with Collingwood FC,sdu?

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