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Even not panicking is a sign of panic

So it would appear that the April craptasm was *not* the anomaly but that May, June, July, and August was.


But let's look at it this way... this recent bed wetting wouldn't be possible without terrible pitching, combined with zero offense, combined with poor managerial decisions...


So, you know, at least they're playing as a team and all.


Hey, the odds are still overwhelming that they make the playoffs.


Are you feeling that? Feels more like 50/50 to me.


And this stretch hasn't done anything to give me much confidence that making the postseason is the end of the trouble.


I think we all need a day off.


Yeah and a Monday Night Tom Brady show.



I got nothing. Except a six- hour meeting I'm going into right now, which is still better than watching the Sox the past 10 games or so.

This weekend felt like a late term abortion.

Fuck the statistics. They assume normality in past contests that just doesn't exist for this team this year. Just look at the Sox vs the Rays this year. We were destroyed by them in April, beat their asses in June and July, and are back to losing to them in fantastic form in August and September. Even IF the other 12 games left were against chumps (fortunately 7 of them *are* against the O's), our "past probabilities" for the Rays of 5-9 doesn't underscore that 5 of those 9 have come in the last like 3 weeks.

It ain't looking pretty. This is the year that the BP algorithm really isn't a reflection of reality due to the arc of a season the Red Sox have had.

Thank God football season is here.

This team is nothing to me now.

Reggie Jackson would refer to them as the Manilla Folders.

Having never been on a pro ball team, this is just a guess, but assuming typical male emotions I submit that the offense has had enough of bailing out the stellar pitching staff, getting shat upon by Lackey, and otherwise watching the pitchers cough up football scores. After awhile I think human nature says "screw this, I'm gonna half ass it too." (period inside quotation marks)

Shouldn't that be 'half-ass?'

I only got B-'s in english.

I thought Mahty was going to show up, and then I would have needed to toss my computer across the room to rid it of the stench.

Well, rugby was interesting. Bloody socks...on their heads.

spent the weekend teaching my kids to say: Ochocinco - better than scarring them with baseball. Except it didn't take that long and had to be creative with the rest of the weekend - got through Woodhead (funny), Gostkowski and Mesko. Should be set for tonight.

The 'arc' of the Red Sox season is reminiscent of Anne Elk's (first) theory relating to brontosaurases (thin at the beginning,fat in the middle and thin at the end):

2011 season = good burger in a moldy bun

There are far, far too many seasons like this. But, I would rather hope for the Sox than endure the crappy team that represents Mudville, which killed Kansas City, not a big deal. Like beating the Royals or the A's in July. Call me when it counts. Tommy Boy better watch himself. The Bills are coming ;-) NOT!!!

This is worse than CHB. I listened to the same ass-head comments before we came back against the Skanks. We are in the playoffs...injuries, pitching be damned. If you don't like the kitchen, go eat in the yard.

Ah, it's okay, the Gathright era is about to recommence:

Fuck this.

Ahhh Manny,you never should have tried selling the grille ;O

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