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But Beckett is OK

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I've got contractors in my house this morning fixing a leak among other things, and this activity and assorted banging and hammering has my Soxaholix writing rhythm all out of sync.

So I'm going to skip out on today and catch up with you tomorrow...

As always, thanks for reading.



I guess the hammering is a continuation from last night.

Even Lackey could have gotten a win with that much run support...probably...

Eff you, hb! I don't know how to put what happened last night into context without a strip!

Sorry, da kine. Blame Webby the Real Doll and her insistence on nude sunbathing on the roof which I'm sure is what spawned the leakage.

Hmmm, Real Doll plus nude sunbathing...What exactly is leaking through your roof, H.B.?

Real men don't need contractors.

Especially if that real man married into the French-Canadian contractors Cosa Nostra. Things are a little less stressful this season around here with Bedard trade (versus he-who-shall-not-be mentioned).

How sad has the Toronto crowd been lately? They should play last year's Maple Leaf games on the overhead screens or something just to get more people to come out to the ballpark.

Kaz, if the Toronto fans were more faithful, it wouldn't be possible for New Englanders to fly there, rent a hotel for three days, and take in three games for less than the price of a Fenway game at StubHub (plus parking, of course). Small blessings and whatnot.

Too true da kine. I'm going to drive to Durhan, attend the Stanford-Duke game with two 50 yard line tickets, spend the night, spend the next day at the Norfolk Bot Gardens, and drive back to MD for well less than half the stubhub cost for a single front row Monster seat for next week's games against Toronto. $1099 each - are they insane?

Oh, thanks for reminding me Steve. Gotta lower my prices on Stub Hub for the 13th

I had Skyline Club box seats at the Cell this summer for the Red Sox games. $130 each (Stub Hub price with all the transaction costs). Had I waited for the day before, I could have had them for $50. Came complete with a server. Not quite the Japanese beer girl with the keg on her back, but we might be moving in that direction.

Three days in Toronto sounds great. Did that with the wife in September '06. Sox dropped two of three. We had fun though. Too bad the Toronto fans were so obnoxious after the Jays won. Who knew fighting in the street is what you do after a win?

'scoe, must be a Canadian thing, eh?

Totes forgot: Timmuh!

Wake...the curse of Rocket Roger?

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