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Bad weekend to stop sniffing glue

Well, like a classic film zombie, the Red Sox continue to slowly shuffle along in circles, not quite dead but not really alive eitheah.


You know, I was more or less resigned to Red Sox not doing much this weekend to turn it around, but the Pats losing to the Bills? I did not see that coming.


Seriously, the only one happy this morning is the CHB.


I've got to confess, the Bills playing "Sweet Caroline" over the loudspeakers was the kind of kick in the balls you just gotta tip your cap to.


Yeah, well, when Buffalo's only pro team packs up and moves to London and the Bills are rebranded as the Bullocks, we'll see who's laughing then.



Sorry for the late posting. Actually forgot to push the "publish" button.

Ah, the feeling of the sweet, yet marginally important victory. Mudville is abuzz in joy. Yeah, we know the Bullocks will depart, hey, the county and the team are already arguing over a new lease for their stadium, with NO guarantee the team will be here when Ralphie bites the big one. So, as in 2004, and 2007, for Sawx fans they should dig the moment and plunge downward, per the sports law of gravity.

Just sweep los Birdos and you're in. How hard can that be?

For the first time since before "The Slide," I was absolutely expecting the wost last night. It never even occurred to me that the Red Sox would find a way to win the nightcap. It was obvious they would blow the 4-3 lead and lose the game, because the Red Sox always do that.

Or not.

The Slide? The Steal. Still hungover from the reunion with some high school buddies this weekend.

When did the Pats sign Brett Favrvrvre as a free agent?

The boys showed some balls in the nightcap. I didn't expect that. Of course, now they have no bullpen, and the Skanks are fielding their Triple A team against Tampa, but no worries.

Ok, collapse and all, but one guy is truly representing.

Ellsbury vs. Ditka in a fight. Who wins?

The sight of Lackey glaring and cursing at Tito as he heads out to the mound with the hook, and continuing to bitch and moan in the dugout just bothers the hell out of me. Dude, your ERA is over 6.00. Shut the fuck up.

Oh, the weekend, she weeps, she weeps.

Just remember the slogan for the playoffs: Anything Can Happen. Just get in, and then who the hell knows what crazy shit will go down?

Is soxinsix channeling Jim Rome? C'mon clones...

Now batting, the catcher, Tres Nueve.

h.b., you captured the essence of the September Sox beautifully. I had the immense unease these past few weeks because I couildn't wrap my mind around why the Sox were playing so poorly. Now you've unlocked the secret. They're zombies. Not quite alive, not quite dead. Perfect!!!


I agree with you 150% He has absolutley no right complaining about coming out of a game or his defense's errors or anything else with the WORST ERA A SOX STARTING PITCHER HAS HAD IN TEAM HISTORY (minumum of 150 innings). And now we learn he's divorcing his wife who has breat cancer. Way to kick 'em when they're down, John.

Yeah, seems as though Lackey is as classy off the field as on: http://tinyurl.com/3l6bwwu

Sounds like someone turned Lackey into a Newt.

Lackey'sglare was actually developed in the bedroom - after repeatedly missing the box, sometimes "accidentally" sending one up her backside, she said "John, let me hold your balls for a bit, take a break." and the glare was born.

Newt - Lackey 2012!

Let's go. Now

The Bullocks? As in Jim J. Bullock from "Too Close for Comfort?"

Got it, jayson! I wasn't the only student awake in LIT/202, when obscure shit like that gets discussed. Dividend for me: The instructor was a very hot lady, she did not look 45 then. Can someone look good at 45? TIMMY-- YOU CAN!

Edwards - Lackey 2012!

And if anyone bought that, wanna buy tix for Wednesday in Camden Yards for the party?

This should be Lackey, not Sly-effin-Stone:


Mondale 2012! We went there! Who gives a fuck!


Holy crap! Mondale's still around and kicking, didn't know that.

Thank you Soxaholix! Now I know, and knowing's half the battle!

Still on hiatus ;D

It's half one here...I am damn well awake. I have a 6am call time.

Why am I awake? Rich makes me wanna kick him in the poopchute. Hiatus! Bleh.

Rays winning in 8th, Sox losing in 8th. Attempting the rare double last minute gooch here.

Oh, this is horrible. Was at the game in Baltimore and feel like death is setting in. Forgot how bad these end of summer slides can feel in the midst of all that winning we enjoyed for so long.

Rubbing some dirt on it is not helping tonight. Going to go be catatonic...


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