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Anyone still hopeful?

So two questions...


One. Do the Red Sox and Rays both win today and force a single game playoff?




Nope. Rays win. Sox lose. Stare abjectly into a rented sunset.




What's the 2nd question?


Well, the 2nd question was based on a different response than the one you guys gave to the first one.


So there is no 2nd question?




Makes perfect sense as there are no longah any questions; there are just facts.


Yeah, like the fact that the Rays are only a modest 16-10 in Septembah yet that was enough to catch the Red Sox.


Of course, if the Sox do manage to get into the playoffs and then somehow turn it around and staht kicking ass, you're gonna look back at your emotions now with chagrin.


No I won't. That's the biggest canard going. You feel what you feel. And if history proves you wrong, nobody fucking remembahs because everyone is caught up in the joy of it all.


Seriously, nobody was denied admittance to the Duck Boat Parade for giving up on the Sox when they went down 0-3 in the 0 '04 ALCS.


Likewise, when this turns out to be the worst collapse evah, we can look back at April and say, "See, we were right all along."


Your logic if all twisted.


Yeah, so fucking what if it is? Epic collapses will do that to you.




As Kaz reminded us on Twitter last night, if both teams win today Lackey will be starting the one game playoff.

Really? If there is a God, he won't let the season rest on Lackey's shoulders.

Brilliant, h.b. Thank you.

I think the Rays are going to lose tonight. Mainly because nobody seems to think that's even a possibility. Therefore, it will happen.

I think I'd rather they lose today than put me through the torture of watching Lackey pitch with the season on the line.

I love how we barely won last night. Man, my confidence in this team is sky high!

I think Theo should go to Chicago, per the article. No, I have no idea who can replace him, but the revolving free agents at shortstop, the shitty outfield signees, etc. have shows that he doesn't know how to pick free agents. Hell, didn't we get Becks and Lowell when Theo was gone? The scouting department can probably do fine without him and keep picking young'uns who will, God willing, lead to home-grown talent in the next 2-3 years.

Wow, we really are back to the days of "the Red Sox killed my father, now they are coming after me." Last night was so anxiety producing I almost called my college roommate MD for an emergency Ativan prescription. I have ZERO faith they will pull this out tonight. And the great part of the fucking Yankees losing last night is that I now hate them even more--- not only was I forced to root for them, but then they didn't come through. It was like rape AND sodomy. Fuckers.

With apologies to Ernie Roberts, who stole the idea from Ray Fitzgerald...A few rambling thoughts…it’s a sprint, not a marathon…this team is soft…Varitek looks like he’d rather be playing golf….Eric [French Canadian last name], what could go wrong?®…there is nothing likable about this team, nor was there in June and July…Pap might want to not challenge guys on 0-2, just sayin’….Lackey on Thursday=going on vacation in Clearwater with her sister and her fourth husband…Not Tito’s fault…soft, soft team…I wish Carl Crawfish all the best tonight, so he has a few more weeks before he gets back to his antique book collection (sorry, hb)…JD Drew? Really??....sadly, I still believe…don’t quit now kids, there’s an enormous amount of human capital (ours) invested in this team.



"your sister"

"your sister"

//he gets back to his antique book collection (sorry, hb)//

Now that made my day!

I have no choice. I've tried to quit this team so many times in the last month but I just keep coming back. It's so dysfunctional, but I can't help myself. I just have to go on to the bitter end, even if it sucks the soul out of me.

Ohh BTW, start Lavarnway

This must be what the end of life experience is like. Death beckons, yet you linger for a few days. Perhaps a short, euphoric lift makes you think you can hang around for another month. But the reaper is sitting beside you, ready to take your hand. I await the reading of the will.

let us remember in 2000 the MFY lost 15 of their last 18 and were 'reeling' into the playoff, and then won the whole thing. There's a reset button on Friday.
Play-in game Thursday thought - if he doesn't pitch today, why not start Aceves and try to squeeze 4 or 5 innings out of him as opposed to Lackey? And piece the rest together with an inning each from call-up relievers who won't have to pitch again? It;s got to be better than knowing you're going to get an agonizing 4 runs over 5.2 innings.

Maybe we'll win tonight and the Rays will lose.

Okay, time to get medieval on Showalter and the O's, if nothing but for the sheer satisfaction of sticking it to that major douche...Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war...there's a pre-game speech for you!

I like it Follower. Showalter is a douche.

I blame Bigelow Green Tea and those "quiet moments."

Kaz, that's my prediction for tonight.

From CBS News, a stat that will make BigBri feel more sympatico with his Yankee brethren:

//At the state level, New York had the highest share of young men living with their parents at 21 percent.//

Fully realizing that there is little reason to believe they'd go deep in the playoffs, I think they're going to get in without a playoff game vs. the Rays. If you're the Yankees, wouldn't you much rather face the Redsox in the ALCS than the Rays. Of course. So, they'll have every reason to beat the Rays tonight and improve their chances immensely in the second round. And call me rediculously over-optimistic but I think Lester comes up big tonight and we win.

I'm back from hiatus,what'd I miss??

What is this Boston Redsox you speak of and where can I see them play? I can not seem to find a team playing anywhere by that name worthy of any serious fan interest whatsoever.

What is this "baseball" you speak of? It's football season!!

In, oh, July or so, my son (age 43) asked me, as if inquiring into a distant past, "Say, Dad, what did it feel like rooting for the Red Sox in the late 40s and early 50s?" (I have been a Red Sox fan since 1946) My reply, in an overnight e-mail: "*This*, son, is what it felt like to root for the Red Sox in the late 40s and early 50s. 'September Swoon' is not a new term or experience."

Sigh. My prediction is that the Sox and the Rays will both lose tonight; that the Sox will take a 3-run lead into the bottom 8th of the playoff; that the pitcher of the moment will then walk the bases full, while Francona, unable to yank him because he didn't stand up a reliever to warm up until the third walk, stares stoically out at the mound; that some Rays nonentity will hit a grand slam; that the Sox will strike out once and ground out twice in the 9th; and that it will then be winter.

Hi h.b., and all. I'm busy with family and work so don't come by as often as I'd like, but I needed some Soxaholix love today.

Wearing my Tek jersey every day this week to work in downtown Seattle. Mariners fans aren't big Sox fans, but they hate the Yankees so they give Boston a pass.

Frankly, I think we win tonight and the Rays lose. The Yankees won't let themselves be swept by a team they might face in the playoffs ... right? Sure, Lester's not won since Sept. 6, but Price hasn't won since August 28. Of course, he's only given up 2 ER per outing since then, and Lester ... well, he gave up as many runs in his last outing than Price has given up in his last four.

But Lester isn't against Price, he's against Simon, who hasn't won since August 23, and has been mediocre at best all year.

I hate myself for even looking up these statistics, and I hate the Red Sox for making me do it.

You speak of TWISTS and EPIC COLLAPSES? Bernanke managing team evidently. BennyBall!

Let's see. I watched Salty drop all those Wakefield knucklers and whiff with guys on base last week when it counted. So, make sure you are a player's manager and stick with him tonight Tito. You don't want Superman when TresNuevo is your guy.

Hey, Blue Stater -- I hope your scenario never materializes. I would like to remind those looking at the glass half empty that when the Sox were down 3-0 against the MFYs in '04 and down by a run in the ninth against Mariano, no sane Sox fan would have dared truly believe that the Sox would come back and win, given the way theyhad played well in the first three games. We're in a similar situation now.

These are not the Sox of the late 40s and early 50s (although they play one on TV, hee hee)

LarryE's comment reminds me of my favorite Soxaholix strip EVER! I would like, but lost the bookmark...it was after the 3rd lost in the '04 ALCS vs. MFY. I think the title was: "No lava, no magma" or something similar. I still smile thinking of that strip...hope I have more reasons to smile tomorrow.

Bruce Chen?


LarryE, I share your hope, ever mindful of Dr. Johnson's definition of second marriages: the triumph of hope over experience. Actually, my post was a reverse gooch, or something like that.

I am, of course, personally responsible for the Sox having overcome the MFYs in 04. Once they were down 0-3, I resolutely refused to watch the games on TV, a course I continued until they were so far ahead in Game 7 that I felt safe in reigniting the tube (radio didn't count). That's the deep, dark secret of the End of the Curse.

I will do the same this evening. Can't tell if it will work again, but hey, nothing else has.

Remy and Orsillo were in rare form commenting on the strike zone last night - 'would have been a strike on the right side of the plate'.

Dellin Betances.

No, I'm not having a stroke.

6' 8" Dellin Betances.

So you know he's good.

Wow. 0.2 IP, 4 BB, 1 HBP, no hits, 2 ER. Career.

Yankees putting 6 of their best guys in the lineup tonight, at least to start the game:

Photo of lineup by Amalie Benjamin

Follower of Tito: No Fucking Lava etc:


Lackey in a play-in?
Eerie beckons the winter
Focus on the 'Pies.

Lavarnaway? Surely.

Lavarnaway? Surely.

Lavarnaway? Surely.

well, on the bright side...fuck it, never mind.

Go Sox!

Whoops. Whoops. That's the one.

The game is streaming on ESPN 3 tonight, so I can actually watch.

Do I dare?

That's our whole problem. We've had the season on Lavarnway the whole time...tonight we finally make the last payment.

Follower...I keep it on my desktop.

No fucking magma. No fucking lava.
The Red Sox write a new chapter in their woeful history, losing 19-8 to the Yankees at Fenway …
What the fuck was that?

They are doing more than just losing now. They are disgracing the game and embarrassing themselves, and they are doing a disservice to the paying customers who blindly and faithfully stream through their doors.

Blind is right. We should all pluck out our own eyeballs so nevah to have to witness such a crapfest evah again. What the fuck happened to the Red Sox who swept the Angels?

No, kidding. The Red Sox are the Mt. Saint Helens of the baseball world. Remember when that bitch was going to erupt "within 24 hours" and then it was all, well, just hold, this erupting shit is gonna happen,…… just give it… a moment … and we waited and waited …

And nothing but a little steam. No fucking magma. No fucking lava.

Disappointment on a volcanic scale. But at least the dorky seismologists have a better chance of seeing a lava show than we do a pennant. Greater chance of seeing the White Mountains blow their granite tops than a World Series for Boston.

It's one thing to have the Yankees as your "Daddy." It's quite another to have them play the role of serial pedophile who keeps you tied up in some dingy basement turned torture chamber and rapes you violently 7 or 8 times a day for a week before killing you, dismembering you and then freezing your arms and legs and brain to feast on throughout the wintah.

It gives me hope.

Everyone keep faith ... a fellow Red Sox fan told me 5 minutes after we lost to the Yankees that night in '04 that it was the best thing ever because when we win this thing we can hold it over Yankees fans for eternity. I bought it and sure enough they did it.

What the hey...let's stick it to that jagoff Buck.

Sweet louclinton that looked like a Larry King column in the USA Today circa 1990; whom I'm certain stole the idea from Ernie/Ray....well played!

All the Skankee trolls at work yesterday were chirpin' big time. Me I'll continue to hunker down in the foxhole, return fire and ride it out.

Oh and I'd rather see Darnell pitch a couple, than watch Lackey childishly stare down Tito again...the putz.

GD, f-ing Skankees.

GD, f-ing Red Sox.

I hate Showalter...if Imhad the dought, I'd take a contract out on him

GD, f-ing Rays.


I hare Showalter...I hope somewhere in the future un some nursing home, when he is drooling and soiling himself, he has a CNA who is wearing a Red Sox t-shirt and say, "sorry, grandpa, no pudding for you tonight..." the puts a pillow over his face.

Hate...but hare will work too

Hate...but hare will work too

Hate...but hare will work too


I thought it would go to a playoff game with Johnny Damon hitting a walk-off dinger in the 9th.

So much for Tampa being "offensively challenged". Can I nominate our 3rd base coach to be at the top of tonight's "Goat list"? Why did he let Scutaro try to score from 1st? Auuggh.

This wasn't a single game loss. This was the biggest collapse in the history of baseball.

the horror.



Talk about your 180 degree turn of events. UFB.

For sale: two Red Sox ALDS tickets. Fall on your face value.

Who were all those people at the Trop celebrating the Rays win? Do they not know there're 80 other home games?

The trouble with jumping on the bandwagon in St. Pete is that it takes you directly to a hospice.

Got to get me one of those sunsets.

I think we should all go in on a sunset timeshare, yazbread.

Well, I don't have to wax nostalgic about the horrible Red Sox years, anymore. I sure did miss that pre-2004 sting of failure. So.... How about those Bruins?

Jesus. Wow.

Death to CHB. Wot a fucking rotter.

So how do I explain the rather sizable dent in my hotel wall from the clothes iron after the World Wide Leader switched from Baltimore to Tampa and 5 minutes later all hope is dashed?

Mother Ducker! This is not fun...

It breaks your heart. It was designed to break your heart.


Um, not meant to be, I guess.


Wow, you folks are up late! Hope nothing bad happened!

Ha! Thanks for that, pseudo. I needed a good laugh.

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