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An intact hyphen

Sigh. So this is not what I had in mind heading into the time of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


No movement toward retaking the AL East lead and now just a 6.5 game lead ovah the Tampa with 6 games remaining against Tampa...


As Pinto points out, if the Sox continue this, ah, I don't even know what you call it, the race for the Wild Cahd is gonna get "interesting."


I think a lot of questions are going to get answered this weekend.


Yeah, well, I just hope one of this isn't do I or do I not use a hypen in "Epic Collapse"?



I'm still waiting for something fun to yak about ;(

Can't Rob the witch use his awesome powers to right this ship?

Rob practices the dark arts. We need a good witch. You know, like Granny Weatherwax or Fin Raziel. Or me, after a bottle of absinthe.

I'd settle for Christine O'Donnell.

Oh, and H.B., you don't hyphenate "epic collapse" unless you’re using it as a compound modifier of some kind, like the “epic-collapse Red Sox.”

Whose ready for Hurricane Maria?

Holy shit, the Blue Jays have taken 3 out of 4 ... and also my spelling ability.

Not worried. God put dinosaur fossils in the ground to test our faith. Same thing here. Just a test. My faith will see me through this one.

Also, I've been taking handfuls of pills. And washing them down with whatever that stuff is that's eating through the enamel on my bathtub.

I'm calling Lafayette's boyfriend on True Blood to see if he can work some brujo magic on this fucking team, then I'ma send Marnie after the blood-sucking Stankees.

Be strong in the face of adversity. Like Galileo.

From WEEI.com:

//Former Red Sox outfielder Carl Everett was arrested last week on family violence charges in Texas, the latest run-in with the law for the controversial baseball player. The 40-year-old, who was arrested in April for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife's head, was taken into custody last Friday morning at the home he shares with his wife in Colleyville, Texas. He was charged with assaulting and injuring a family member.//

I wonder if the family member was playing with a toy dinosaur.

I bet CHB is smiling.

wait, what?



Thanks for the link. We need a good epic collapse this year. :-)

Here's hoping Maria's hyphen is intact,Kaz ;D

FYI, insider at MikeFM posted on Reddit Boston that MikeFM is shutting down and WEEI will be broadcasting on that FM frequency starting Monday...so if you like WEEI for anything, it might become easier to hear it soon enough.

Or the guy could be completely full of crap...I haven't tried to verify this yet anywhere.

Kaz -- it's true. Read it yesterday in multiple media sources. At least the game will come in clearly when listening to it in the car.

And Bob, you're one of the few people who know that the hyphen belongs with the compound modifyer. It's unbelievable how many people (including writers and newspapers) don't know this easily-remembered punctuation-related seldom-followed rule.

One of the perils of being raised by an English teacher is those grammar/punctuation rules get drummed in so deeply, you develop both disdain and annoyance with all those who get shit wrong. I start to foam at the mouth every time (read: weekly) I edit a report and have to move the punctuation inside the quotation marks where it belongs(not a single person ever gets this right- why? it's not a difficult rule). And don't get me started on shit like lesser and fewer and as if/though and like. The moral of this tale: I am a very annoying person.

Speaking of annoying, the Red Sox are starting to actually scare me. I used to have a feeling they could come back in any game or hold any lead, now... not so much. I am NOT looking forward to these games with TB (and not for my usual reason of Tropicana being an absolute dunghole).

I seem to remember that the punctuation-inside-the-quotations rule is only true for American English, and that the pommie bastards across the sea do it the other way around. Any truth to that?

GSGH: yes, that is very true, in my experience. They also drive on the wrong side of the road, so clearly there's something very wrong in their brains. :)

Blue "-" Balls

Laser show has no laser right now, 1 fer 23 or something. He'll right the ship or I'll burn the SI publishing building.

In other news, BigBri somehow got out of his basement and traveled west. Recently an over weight middle aged man has shown up at my gym every morning wearing an assortment of NYY and NYJ gear. He walks on the treadmill while reading the paper and somehow manages to break a sweat. If anyone has contact info for the Chillicothe PD please forward, I'm sure his mom is worried.


30 minutes ago, Dale Arnold just tweeted that Youkilis was on the same flight as his back to Boston...so I guess Youk is out for the weekend against the Rays too now.

Fuck September Swoons.

Wow, it didn't take many following posts to prove the almost-universal-ignorance-of-the-adjectival-phrase-hyphenation-rule lamenters right. I mean you, sonomasox.


don't need no stickin rulez on a giddamn creepy blogidity interwebby thing.

Here's hoping the Dolphins aren't giving each other the High Fin on Monday. (High Fin? Hyphen? No?)

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

And for the obviously hard-of-hearing Red Sox: HOPEFULLY WE'LL HAVE SOMETHING FUN TO YAK ABOUT ON MONDAY. GET IT?

late to the game today, but thanks all. Many laughs from my over-worked brain today from youse semi-literate creeps. Good weekend all.

@ da kine: Lafayette is the balls. Even if he doesn't wear the balls in the relationship. One of the best true characters on recent TV

Lackey has a calf contusion? If he's out, is that bad? I can't decide. But I do know that punctuation goes inside the quote marks and, yes, it is a king-hyphenated-sized annoyance when done wrong. Therefore, would it be the September-swooning Sox? Ugh. What time is the Pats game?

LarryE, "easily remembered" is not a compound modifier, but an adverb modifying a past participle (that's functioning as an adjective). So it doesn't get hyphenated, a common mistake that we grammar Nazis call hyperpunctuation.

I'm glad to be able to talk about punctuation rather than tonight's (Friday's) Sawx-Rays game, which is just too painful for words. Or hyphens.

Jesus Christ, now the wild card lead is down to 4 games? And WTF is wrong with Bard anyway?

Well, I guess, in terms of fun-to-yak-about-shite (with apologies to the hyphen obsessed among us), there is this:

Meanwhile, and by way of distracting irrelevancy, the 8 year old 'Sox fan, Mrs sdu and I spent a lovely two nights in Melbourne. Collingwood played poorly in its first post-season game but won anyway. They go straight to a Preliminary Final which is kind of like the Conference Championship games - winners to the Grand Final (= Superbowl).

So, there's that then, also.

Or is that "hyphen-obsessed"? Um ... gotta go now ... but I note that mrs sdu often puts shit on me for putting an apostrophe in both 'plane and 'phone. So. (And yes, the 'Sox suck at the moment)

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