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200 to 1

While it felt good to watch it, the Patriots romp in South Florida has had very little, if any, effect on my Red Sox fan psyche.


If there's a bright spot, it's this: Wakefield's 200th Win overshadowed by just the single win.


Yeah, no pressure on Timmah for the 200th. And yet enormous fucking pressure on Timmah for a win.


Hey, could be worse. You could be Manny Ramirez.


You know, of all the oddities of Manny, I nevah evah took him for a wife beatah.


Seriously. It's "See the ball, Hit the ball." Not "See the wife, slap the wife."


I wondah what Manny's beloved grandmothah would say if she were alive to witness this.


I'm sure she's rolling ovah in her grave. All 3 of them.



Like I said before-things just haven't been the same since he sold the grille ;D

"Damn it, Juliana, I told you I wanted THIRTY tickets to Bucky Larson."

I was at the Pats game. Brady & the boys made it look so easy as they marched up and down the field. Defense looks a bit suspect, but overall it was great.

As for Manny, I think his hormones are all messed up from the fertility drugs :)

Steroids are a helluva drug.

"I told you I wanted juice for breakfast, not 'the juice'."

A little Brady lipstick slapped on what had been a Red Sox pig of a weekend.

Maybe Manny thought she was a traveling secretary?

hate to say it, but I've been making some preliminary inquiries on alibaba.com for some chinese-sourced sunsets. more later.


So he pushes old men and women around, quits on his teammates and fans and cheats at least twice. Despite his awesome numbers, I truly hope he never gets into the HOF.

At the risk of causing a gooch (or is it gooching?), let me be the first to say, "Timmah!" (with punctuation inside the quotes.) And, yes, LC, we could definitely use some Chinese-sourced sunsets (hyphen intact).

Timmy!!!! (Could have used 11 of those runs tomorrow).

Timm-may! Goddam, good to get off the snide...

Timmah!! Our long national nightmare is finally over.

And fuck the gooch! My self-imposed exile from posting is finished. I'm back in the saddle and ready to contribute my warmed-over (hyphen intact) milque-toast commentary to the threads. Bring on the Real Dolls (tm) and sunsets, lc.

And a tip o' the bowler to the O's for an able assist tonight.

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