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What's the word?

Once again, happy for the win, but, jeez, nothing for Wake.


48 games left and starts roughly every 5 days... the clock is ticking.


You know I keep hearing about these "National Days of Prayah," but when am I gonna hear something about a "National Day of Timmah"?


C'mon, priorities with the praying, people.


Seriously. As God is my witness, if Wakefield doesn't get to 200 wins I'll never go to church again.


But you don't go to church now.


Yeah, but that's just circumstantial. This will be all official and shit.


Official? Like you'll put it on Twittah?


It will be Twat.


As Jesus himself would Tweet:

@matthew jsyk u r lite of wrld. like flshlite app. clk on. b gr8. k? kewl #wordofgod



I'm not a Twitter-er so that lat panel took me a few moments to decipher. Cracked me up, or is it LMAO in Twitter-speak?

@hb, that was 2 hilarious. thnx 4 the laughs. #godlessheathenovahhere.

I'm with you, 'Six. Took me a while to decipher, too. I needed Barbara Billingsley's help. "Oh, stewardess! I speak jive."

And I'm giving up Starbucks until Timmah gets #200.

200? AFDN. 199? AMF!

Natalie you disappoint me...

No Tweet results for #godlessheathenovahhere.

"What's the word?"..."Thunderbird" ;O

No 200th win. Boo. Watching my adopted city burn. Boo. A 17 hit game with only 8 runs scored. WTF?

What's going on in London is CRAZY. Stay safe pseudo. Sure hope you aren't anywhere near Hackney or Tottenham or Croyden.

Thanks Natalie, unfortunately this insanity isn't localised to these areas. I'm south of Croydon and small pockets of violence/mayhem have broken out pretty much everywhere. My friend's shop was looted. Another friend was forced to leave their home late last night because of fire.
This isn't 'disaffected youth' of a poor socioeconomic beckground venting their frustration at the police/government anymore (if it ever was that in the first place). It's terrorism, plain and simple.

Pseudo - I thought it was just soccer hooligans. (j.k. Really!)

Sorry to hear of your friends' troubles. Hope all will be back to normal soon. Stay safe!

@Rob - love the BB quote. probably why it also took me awhile to translate last panel.

I think Timmuh just wants to win 200 at home.

Good luck pseudo!

Of course now we realize someone is already well into the process of translating the bible into tweets. It's things like this that make me thank God, every day, that I'm an atheist.

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