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Turned to mulch

I know that sometimes during a season an opposing team just has your number, but the Rangers haven't just gotten the Red Sox number, they've stolen the whole friggin identity.


Seriously, when Bedard sent that pitch to Napoli it was if he answered a most urgent email request from a Mr. Louis Wallner, a former staff of one of the leading banks in London and also a Member of the AMERICAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION seeking the beneficiary of a man (Mr. Robert John) who died in 2004 South Asia Tsunami with his family while on a holiday in Thailand leaving behind $20 million.


They've lost five straight games against the Rangers and 11 of the last 13.


If this keeps up, Rick Perry is gonna walk out, shoot the Red Sox, and announce that he put down the vermin and general nuisance to all proud Texans at that particular juncture in an appropriate way.



I'd like that Perry cat if he wasn't such a social conservative. If the gays want to marry, let'em marry. Stop asking Jesus about politics. Fer Chrissakes, don't mess around with women's issues.

Six more games against Texas (but just three at Arlington Shopping Mall). I'd be happy if we went 2-4. It'd be an improvement.

BTW, I heard on EEI this morning that last night's game was the 56th or 58th straight game at Arlington over 100 degrees. Which is why Selig is now considering Dallol, Ethiopia's bid for an expansion team.

Hey, Brady looked good last Thursday...

At Texas, no Youk, no Papi, no Ellsbury, Lackey tonight, Miller Thursday. I'll be thrilled with a split.

Speaking of wily creatures, how the hell are you sons-a-bitches? (I swear this in not in a Yankees in first place taunting you kind of way...well, maybe it is: But I swear it's no more than a mix of 20% taunting/80% genuine article)

da kine, If Rick Perry wasn't such a social conservative, he might as we be a Greyhound bus. On what planet's Texas does that state elect a governor who is okay with marriage equality?

He is who he is: a caveman in a tie.

When the hubby and I were discussing 'the baseball' last night at dinner he gave me a very knowing look when I mentioned this Texas series then started rattling off stats.
I'm not happy about the loss, but I get all schoolgirl giddy to know he isn't just paying attention for my sake. He has really developed a love for this game. *swoon*

To clarify HE started rattling off stats...brain to finger misfire there.

Why can't we get pitchers like Justin Masterson?

Based on conversation this am with friend who is also a yankee fan, he is happy to be one game up considering how shitty yanks are playing (his words), i am happy to be one game down consideing how shitty sox are playing, neither of us thinks we have a chance in hell against the phils if we were so lucky as to make it that far.

Oh, and it looks like, for now anyway, Irene intends to ride straight up my nonohole. Lets hope Jim Cantori has a mtg with that storm and gets it all excited about letting him report from the outer banks instead of my little berg (sorry outerbanks folks, every man ferhisself).

Oh, come on Jeff, what are the winds? A mere 90-100 mph? Childsplay. Suitable for flying kites or Smithfield hams.

Agreed. Surfs Up! Down at the local wally world everyone is buying up all the bread and toilet paper. No recognition of the fact that if they would stop eating all the bread, they wouldnt need all the toilet paper.

Stay safe, Jeff. Batten down the hatches and whatnot.

The thing about cavemen is they have big balls and they carry weapons.

Kinda like me.

But I can't run for POTUS due to the chronic.

Just lie (its politics dontcha know) and tell them you use the Clinton method of imbibing of the chronic. Worked for him.

Pseudo - not to rain on your parade, but my observation would be that, if your posts are any indication of the person behind the keyboard (and I suspect they may be), hubby's interest in America's Game has less to do with runs, hits and errors and more to do with getting past first base. Those memorized baseball stats are more likely used in a different room than the kitchen. ;-)

(I kid because I love. Don't take offense...)

Stay safe Jeff. We're counting our blessings that the storm track shifted away from South FL, but it is heading straight for you. Every man for himself indeed.

5.8 earthquake in Virginia just rattled my coffee cup.

Perry is a horse's ass. That is all.

I did not feel the earthquake. Feeling very left out of the blogosphere and Twitterverse as a result. Sigh.

True, hb. Poor Gary Johnson should be a viable GOP candidate but that legalizing pot thing didn't do him any favors. Unfortunately. I like him (and I'm a Democrat).

Rob, at the beginning of our relationship I would have totally agreed with your above statement.
But this milk's free now, he doesn't have to keep trying to buy the cow, so I'd like to think the interest is genuine.
You could be right though, maybe he just wants me to keep making him ham sandwiches. ;)

Hurricanes and quakes. We need a day of pray. Someone call Rick.

Here in Annapolis MD the quake knocked over my Dad's coffee cup.

Quake in DC? There won't be any bread or milk in the stores for the next three months. (You have had to live there to appreciate the humor).

@pseudo - Well of *course* it's genuine, silly rabbit! Just my feeble attempt at a joke that seemed hilarious in the moment, but as with so many things that crack me up, the execution left it dead on arrival. Still, I'm killing 'em in my own little universe of one. :)

Does highlight how talented others like h.b., Kaz, Sdu, Bob and so many other creepy posters (including you) can be. Hey, don't try this shit at home. Leave it to the professionals... Lol!

Earthquake...Hurricane...what's the trifecta here?

BTW, have you guys heard that they've already determined the cause of today's earthquake?

They're calling it a "tectonic plate self-correction"...for the huge shift to the right in DC!


Looks like I oversold Kaz's sense of humor a little...


Rick Perry is Sarah Palin wif no balls.

More later. Must return to Batcave

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