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The 3933 cocktail (shaken or stirred)

Christ is Jacoby en fuego or what?


Yeah, he is, but so is the guy he drove in, Salty.


Kid's turning out to be a pretty friggin fine catch isn't he?


Yeah, not only is he throwing out runners, he's now the number 2 catcher in in majors in OPS.


And, get this, Tek is something like the 7th best backup C in MLB.


Remember when the catching spot was seen as our biggest weakness?


Seriously. The 60/40 split with rook/vet was absolutely prescient.


You think I can get a Sox jersey with number "3933" and "Varitamacchia" across the shoulders?



The "VARITAMACCHIA" idea for today's strip comes courtesy or reader Joel Millman.

Varitamacchia is some SERIOUS salty yum. I will order one in every color.

Varitamacchia. Genius. Sign me up.

even teal, Natalie?

Now if they could just beef up their handling of the knucklah a bit, we'd really be in business!

Veritas Varitamacchia. Stirs the crowd; never shaken.

Mmm... Teal7

Er, teal!

Even BigBri would wear a J. VARITAMACCHIA jersey. (Mainly because it would actually fit across his girth.)

Nice win, but if that throw from center had been a little less Bernie Williams-ish Salty would have been dead by 5 feet. Winning is delicious.

I had a varitamacchia the other day at Starbucks. Not bad, but heavy on the salt.

Swoon away

Not to throw Joel Millman under the bus, but Simmons says the exact same thing in his 7/27 column (see footnote 8)... I'm not sure who is borrowing from whom, but the sports guy beat you to the punch:


I just don't see Wake winning #200 at home against the vaunted Tribe.

Don't look now but something is slithering 1 game back ;O


Saltalamacchia's slide last night was beautiful. If he'd just slid at the base, he would've been caught. As it was he slid 2 feet right of the bag, and caught it just with his left hand. That was a huge heads-up, baseball-smarts play, and vindicates him pinchrunning.

*bag should be plate.

Interesting re Simmons coming up with that too. Most likely just two great minds (Millman and Simmons) arriving at same conclusion separately.

They are both journalists and neither is Borges or Barnicle, so I doubt there was anything untoward.

Why the Borges hate, hb? I'm not a fan, but he's no CHB, Tomase, or Barnicunt.

Because Borges got caught plagiarizing. (Along with Barnicle and Doris Kearns Goodwin... seems to be a Boston thing.)

That was why I used those two as examples, i.e, I doubt WSJ journalist JM plagiarized from Simmons, but with these other guys, all bets are off.

Little less work for you today, H.B. You can just use the first frame over again.

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