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Neither do I condemn thee: go, and gooch no more

Well, I'm officially certified as not being worried about Texas in the playoffs.


Meanwhile, though, teh Yankees...


Oakland up 7-1 aftah 3 and then end up losing 22-9 aftah the Yankees hit 3, count 'em 1, 2, 3 mofo grandies... the first time that has evah happened in the history of MLB?


It's almost as if there was some sort of gooch at work here.


Hey, as Jesus said, let he who has nevah gooched tweet the first condemnation of the goochah.


So is Jesus a PC or a Mac dude?


Neithah. Jesus doesn't believe in possessions...


But he occasionally borrows a tablet from Moses.


Ah, the 1st Generation tablet.


Yeah, heavy as all fuck, but the warranty lasts an eternity.



You, my friend, are on a beautiful tear. Keep on keeping on.

Jesus uses an HP tablet. His Dad doesn't like people picking Apples.

[golfclap] Well played, Bob. [/golfclap]

Yes, let the MFY fans rejoice at managing to avoid a sweep at home by one of the worst teams in baseball and ignore how horrible Hughes was. I happened to be driving and listening to Sterling. Pregame he actually said, "I'm going to tell you how great a season Hughes is having. I'm going to ignore the first part of the season,a s that was a long while ago, and just focus on the past four starts because man, he has pitched himself right into the #2 slot in the playoff rotation."
Game 2 ALCS - Hughes vs. Lester? Sign me up RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Another winner, hb!And Bob, magnificent!!

Referenced in a HOF-level strip. My life is now complete. Thank you, hb. A red letter day. :)

And Bob, that was fucking *brilliant*! I will no longer be turning you into a newt.

Now if that bitch Irene will only let me make my connection home through Baltimore, my SWA-imposed extra-long weekend will be complete.

I LOLed, then I LOLed again. HB and Bob FTW.

I LOLed, then I LOLed again. HB and Bob FTW.

Also, how 'bout some fucking Timmuh love tonight, Sox?

Rob, that was a perfectly applied gooch yesterday. Couldnt have applied it better if you were a nudist on a ten speed bike seat - if it hasnt been mentioned before in the annals of this site, look up gooch at urban dictionary.

Oh, I'll give fucking Timmeh some love tonight. Oh wait, probably not what da kine meant.

I'm with Jeff in NC: Rob, that was an EPIC gooch, seriously poetic. What's your next trick? Are you able to use your powers for good, not evil? :)

Jeff, our use of the term "gooch" precedes the porn/bodily use of the word ("gooch" meaning "jinx" dates back to pre-revolutionary New England). But in any case, they sort of go together, don't you think? Although a reverse gooch could be terribly painful.

I'm torn.

Should I say "irene is a cruel mattress"

or "irene in a cruel midriff"


Neither is funny, but that never hindered me.

3 games in 22 hours.

See you on the othah side.

200 tonight.


22 runs, 3 grannies is impressive. But giving up 9 runs to the A's? Not so much.

Natalie, I'm going to tell Varitek that you are mind-cheating on him with Wakefield and he will TOTALLY FUCKING DENY YOU if you ever run into his gigantic quadriceps. And you will have me to blame.

It's obvious that the NYY has recaptured their mystique and aura. We can't compete with that - just give them their rings - it's over.

BTW - A little too soon on Apple cracks - out here we when a high tech icon leaves his/her job we all act like right coasters after an earthquake.

da kine: MEAN.

I have watched all of Wake's last 5 starts including up close and personal at the Cell on 7/29. Two losses and three no decisions. Five data points. Kaz has received NSF grants with less data. So I will refrain from watching the game tonight. I will not even look at a score until 10 pm Central time. If I had the power of Rob the Witch, a win would be pre-ordained.

I am a fan of both uses of the gooch term. Cant use it without thinking of both. Thus the double reverse gooch always gets a chuckle in my head. Still working that one out.

And in real life... As Irene starts trying to squeeze by me, she is brushing me with her teets. Kind of exciting, but I think thats all the further I am goingto get with her.

Ha! With great power comes great responsibility. Until I have harnessed the power I have garnered over the years through application of what the elders called "The Fuck-up", I shall demure from attempting to help Timmah with a reverse-gooch. The risk is too great.

When perfected, however, you'll all be able to tell your grandkids you were there to witness his 300th win.

Woohoo! On the Balt. flt. home. At the risk of a reverse gooch: Irene, you can fucking blow me!

Duck and cover, boys. Duck and cover...

Once I thought I saw you
in a crowded hazy bar,
Dancing on the light
from star to star.
Far across the moonbeam
I know that's who you are,
I saw your brown eyes
turning once to fire.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

"I shall demure from attempting to help Timmah with a reverse-gooch. The risk is too great."

Damnit, Rob! By announcing that you werent going to try to reverse gooch it, you reverse gooched the reverse gooch! It's a reverse, reverse gooch! Timmeh got schlacked because of YOU! Stop it, you witch!

I take the blame for the loss. I planned to not watch the game since my viewership is a bad omen for Wake. Went out to Harry Caray's with my wife. Walked into the bar and heard Remy and Orsillo on the NESN feed. Like Lot's wife fleeing Sodom, I couldn't resist. I turned my head to look at the game, and the rest is history.

Rob and yazbread: they're officially a coven.

Fuuuuucccckkkkkkkk! The double reverse gooch didn't occur to me.

I hereby officially begin a self- imposed suspension on further posting privileges until Timmah gets number 200.

Please accept my apologies. I guess I just didn't know my own strength.

I can't keep track of this shit

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