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Look, Ma! I'm flying a Cartesian plane!

Christ I know everything is going to turn out fine in the end, but I confess these sudden losing streaks are vexing.


Hey, if you were to text that would it be "vexting."


I'm just asking...


The worst paht of yestahday's loss is we don't even have Ellsbury's exploits to soothe us.


That reminds me...


Rene Descartes walks into a bah...


Which one?


The Tavern, ok?


Cool. Love the Tavern.


So Rene Descartes walks into the Baseball Tavern, settles in at the bah, ordahs a Pernod and stahts watching some Red Sox highlights on the TV.


The bahtendah brings the Pernod and sets it down just as they're showing a montage of Jacoby's dingahs from this season, and the bahtendah says, "Wow, is that Ellsbury on a tear or what?"


And Rene Descartes says, "Oui, Oui. Jacoby he eez extraordinaire."


Then the bahtendah asks, "So you think he's got a shot at the MVP?"


Rene Descartes responds, "I think not." And, poof, disappears.



Its been a long hot day already, so..

I stink, therefore I am.

I think today's strip is a perfect excuse for Monty Python:


"I drink therefore I am."

Ortiz I spit in my hand, therefor i am

Pedroia I have dirt on my uni, therefore i am

Ellsbury I am fucking awesome, therefore i am

Youks I sweat waterfalls, therefore i am

Lackey (I am going to leave this one alone)

Beckett - I take 45 seconds between pitches because I'm Josh Fuckin' Beckett, therefore I am.

Let's just not fly that Cartesian plane to Bolivian...

I'll have to ask some of my friends to confirm this, but I'm betting the gheys love Jacoby, so maybe:

"I twink, therefore I am."

Does anyone remember when Baby Jessica made the news? Fortunately, she was stuck in a Cartesian Well. It was reassuring for her to know, "I sink, therefore I am."

And following on Baby Jessica:

Lackey - I stink, therefore I am?

Something fun to yak about?

The Yankees are suing a couple of guys that are selling Evil Empire T-shirts. They are claiming trademark infringement while trying to claim control of the phrase Evil Empire.

Youks- My back hurts, therefore I am... on the DL

Well, time to be on my way to the Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis. My friend Brian is getting married there Saturday, and I'm getting an early start on the festivities.

Have to give a toast at the reception: (I clink therefore I am?)

Hope the water isn't too cold: (I shrink therefore I am?)

Here's the Inn: (I link therefore I am?)


Probably going sailing tomorrow: (I sink therefore I am?)

Okay, I'll stop now, I promise: (I wink therefore I am?)

Have a great Friday and weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I think the wedding toast should mention marriage as an economic rearrangement of property rights.

That, and the time the groom got a hummer in an alley off Stuart Street.

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