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Life on the Charles

Lisa the Temp:
Look, peeps, if Bob isn't around, ain't nobody around.


Lisa the Temp:
Except for Lisa the Temp, of course.


Lisa the Temp:
You know it's like Mark Twain said, "The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation."


Lisa the Temp:
Of course, Mark Twain was a bitter misanthrope so your mileage may vary.


Lisa the Temp:
You ever read Life on the Mississippi, peeps? Let Lisa summarize it for you...


Lisa the Temp:
Man goes down a river. Nothing happens. Man goes down a river a second time. Nothing happens. The end.


Lisa the Temp:
You can't put a price on genius, amigos.



Well, channeling Bob, at least we have a win to yak about today.

And the Laser Show.

When Bob's not around, the "characters" aren't either. Coincidence?

Channeling Bob, I'm headed to an inn today too, but not for a current wedding. We are celebrating the wedding that happened 20 years ago today, and the fact that against all odds and common sense, I found someone to put up with me that long. Still haven't been able to get her to appreciate baseball though...

don't know about the rest of you creeps, but I'm gonna go hang around the alleys off Stuart Street

Oh COD, happy anniversary, what a milestone. I am sure your wife is a lucky woman. :)

Is it cocktail hour yet?

Congratulations, COD. Quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Wishing you and the Mrs. many more years of wedded bliss.

She's not a Red Sox fan? Hmm, clearly she must be the emotional rock of the family... :-)

I wonder if Bob will include his real doll in the toast.

Congrats, COD!

Congrats, COD! Here's to 20 more!!

Congrats to COD and Mrs. COD!

Congrats COD!

Hey who's gonna announce the beer cart?

20 yrs. You ARE the counterculture. Nice.

Married twenty years!
Happy anniversary
Missus COD.

Fucking Albers.

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