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It's not the heat, it's the Ellsbury

Er, don't look now but last night marked John Lackey's 7th win in his last 9 starts, a stretch in which he has compiled a 7-1 record and a 4.10 ERA.


You know, I find it rathah easy to not look at John Lackey.


Seriously, dude is in no danger of bumping Tom Brady off the cover of Details.


So glad Ellsbury was back to bring some "energy" to the lineup.


Yeah, and help the Red Sox get that Texas Chupacabra off their backs.


With that said, and even with a win tonight, does anyone really feel comfortable facing Texas in an elimination series?


Funny, Mitt Romney is wondering the same friggin thing.



It's a little known fact that Lackey spent some time in the Marines prior to the big leagues.


Well, that's what you get when you use a crappy link.


Oh for God's sake, it's a frigging picture of Gomer Pyle, all right?

That's hysterical, Bob :)

Is Chupacabra Spanish for Muskrat?

I find it weird that Lackey has enough time in the off-season to be a Hollywood actor, most known for his role on Prison Break.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, Lackey got a win last night! Actually he's been throwing much more effectively of late. Good to see.

And no love for AGon? 2 over the fence!

That was funny, Bob.

That's great da kine. I forgot about the resemblance between Lackey & Haywire.

Chupacabra is Spanish for Lackey.

To me he's always looked like a taller version of Mark Teixeira. Shared inability to cover one's upper teeth with one's upper lip.

To prove how relatively meaningless the number of wins a pitcher has are, Lackey has 12 and Beckett has 10. Lackey's ERA is 5.98 and Beckett's is significantly less than half of that at 2.46. Beckett is 10-5 but in games he's started, the Sox are 18-6. Can you say paltry run support whiles he's on the mound?

But what if the Chupacabra was named Ditka??

I didn't realize Becks had such a good ERA. Mad respect. How about Timmuh gets, I dunno, half the run support Lacking Lackey gets?

Now every time I see Lackey I have Gomer stuck in my head

Lackey with 7-1 and 4.10 is just evidence that when the boys are hitting it really doesnt matter who's on the hill. I look at 4.10 and think, he is not going to win any 2-1 games with that.

And Gomer Pyle is far more handsome than JL. An huhee cun sang, too, yessiree he can.

It seems to show that Lackey is a good #4 starter - and when our guys get to hit against another team's #4, we crush them. ERA, ShmERA.

Glad to see Ells and A-Gon sparking the hit parade.

Did anyone else hear (what sounded like) a kid chanting: "Let's go Wed Sox" in the late innings?

@ Jeff in NC - Looks like this might a good weekend to get some hippie love in Boone. Isn't Merle Fest coming up anyway?

Heh. Looks like Irene is heading away from me, so stayin put. Merlefest was back in april methinks, and i usually have to skip that on account of new orleans jazzst each year. I did jusy get back from Floyd Fest (not the pink variety mind you, but the virginia variety) and it was an outstanding 4 days of music and camping and hot hippie chicks. Along with a smattering of not so hot ones too. But oh, some of them gurls sho is purdy, walkin round with only a stitch or two coverin their bits n pieces. Anyway, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dirty Dozen, Del McCoury, Peter Rowan, Dave Grisman, Tony Rice, Hot Tuna, and on and on. A big time was had by all on a mountaintop on the Blue Ridge pkwy.

Sonomasox - you ever go to Hardly Strictly Blugrass in Oct in SF, at Golden Gate Park i think? Got a friend been trrying to get me there for past 4 years but I'm always busy. I very fine music fest I hear.

Jeff - Don't remember a Floyd Fest but used to go up to Floyd on Fridays for the music in the alleys and general store...15 yrs ago now. Nice line up though. We hit the Hardly Strictly 4 out of the first 5 yrs. Great line ups, easy to move from stage to stage. Now with two young'uns it's less fun. We'll be back in a couple years though - worth it.

Del and the Punch Bros will be there. reason enough

Ya, ten years ago the little town of Floyd decided to go full tilt and put the festival together a little outside of town. Built a permanent home for it with stages and all. Good times.


Crisps the Skanks.

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