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I want whatever Ellsbury's having

Oh, Mr. Ellsbury, you've done it again.


With an exclamation mahk.


Someone turned Jacoby's powah knob to 11.


Seriously. Last night's walkoff homah gives him 18 on the season.


But now soak in this: he came into 2011 with 20 homers in 4 seasons.


When people say "finding a groove" this is what they're talking about.


And you think *we* like Ellsbury? Well Pesky really, really likes him.


Hey, when Johnny Pesky speaks, people listen.


Yeah, and aftah the people listen they say, "Hey, that old dude is all kinda crazies."


But despite relishing Ellsbury and the win, I'm really friggin disappointed for Wakefield.


Yeah, disappointment is big right now. Perhaps a mint would make you feel bettah?



Well after all Johnny is one of the "Window boys"

In bemoaning Timmuh's inability to get win #200 and his continued place as #3 on the Sox all time list, my brother and I (over e-mail) somehow managed to blame John Lackey, Dan Duquette, CHB, and, of course, Roger Clemens. I am mentally prepared to accept the fact that none of those people caused Wakefield to give up that double, but my heart tells me there is a conspiracy of some sort involving the above-named individuals.

Da kine, I'd add JD Drew to your list. If he were in right he would have caught...oh wait, no he wouldn't. Never mind.

The always humble Timmah is just happy that the team won.

I like how, from the camera behind home, you can see the image of Ellsbury on the Hancock scoreboard is slightly turned, tracking the ball and smiling as it clears the CF wall.

You ever notice how Youk really gives walk-off guys the business? He was treating Ellsbury's head the way George the Animal Steel used to treat a turnbuckle.

Timmy would be at 215 if he had gotten decent run support over the last three years.

Since Randy has passed on I wonder if Miss Elizabeth is free? ;D

Maybe Jacoby is offended by the Indians logo / mascot and is taking it out on their pitching.

My first thought after seeing the game recap last night was, "H.B. doesn't need to do a new strip in the morning. Just replace a couple links..."


I can never say one bad thing about Timmeh; even when he sucks, he's awesome to me. Probably because he seems like such a class act. Excited for Bedard's debut tonight. Let's see what we gots!

On an unrelated note, holy crap, Virginia Tech again? If I were the Dean of Admissions, I think I'd retire.

It was 3 kids at a youth camp on campus that reported seeing somebody with a gun. I'll bet it turns out to be 3 kids with over active imaginations.

But really, even the false reports at VT needs to stop. My daughter will be there in a couple of years.

I might get a tin of those mints, but I thought this product from that website was more clever. Witty use of the color-change printing.

Kaz, does it work with coffee, or just tea?

As a VT alum, I can say that there may be many schools as great as that one, but none greater. Good learnin' :) and a great place to have fun in the mountains. We may have partaken of the greenery more than the cops would have liked, but we didnt seem to have any mass murders and decapitations either. Just sayin.

Elsbury is the shit. Period. (thats three periods for those counting).

And ya, youk and paps are almost embarassing in their zeal to rub and pat young jacoby's head.

I will have another 3 months of this please, Mr. Bartender.

Only a few hours to go before Bedard erases all this goodwill.

He's only supposed to throw about 75 pitches tonight. I just hope he makes it that deep.

75 pitches? 3rd inning?

Reverse gooches o' plenty today.

I was at Jacoby's first major league game - June 30 2007. I have the ticket alongside a signed Jacoby baseball behind perspex in my office. I defended him here against the early tirades of Paddy 24 (how we miss P24!). But I worry that the increase in his power numbers means one thing: he is sharing David Ortiz's 'rice'. Whatever Ellsbury's having indeed. Hope I'm wrong.

FWIW - Mr. Jefferson's University is a far better center of learning and greenery. TJ, of course, a big fan himself.

And, let's just hope SI doesn't put JE on the cover and Papi keeps on cooking the rice.

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