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Cool and dry

Can you believe it — less than a month before the regulah season and only 29 games remaining?


Even bettah, though it's unlikely the Sox get to 100 wins, can I tell you how amazing it is to even be discussing 100 wins aftah the April we lived through?


With that said, being a bit long in the tooth and having been scarred with unimaginable collapses, can we go a bit easy on the congratulatory tone until the the magic numbah is zero?


I'm just sayin'...


Point well taken.


It's time to keep our powdah dry.


And our gooches.



Look out, Mama, there's a pin-striped boat comin' up the river...

Just keep winnin' series, boys. Be nice to start with this one and get a bit of breathing room on the MFY.

We have six games left with the Stankees, no? I want five out of those six, with three of them by 5 runs or more.

I also want Timmuh to get four more wins this year so maybe I'm talking out of my ass.

I don't see an unimaginable collapse. But as this team has shown throughout the year, an unexpected mini losing streak is always possible.

I don't actually give a fuck.

I don't actually give a fuck.

What would "Cliff and Claf" say??

Oh,just realized that today is Jimmy Fund BegaThon day 1 0f 2.

Having spent more time than some at Children's hospital, here's my advice;

1. Stay away from NESN WEEI for the duration.

2. Give some fucking money to the JF. stat

C'mon boys. Just a lil' dab o' Brylcreem and a shot o' Schenleys and it'll be 1967 again. Denny McLain guarantees it.

Does anyone know why Lackey threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium?


Bob, they have woman umpires now?

@Bob. The most troubling aspect of that clip is that the Dodgers hosted a "Chicago Concert on 8.27" Haven't we suffered enough?

list of ads, in order in 1967 "official Program and Scorecard" of the World Series.

1. Winston "The name of the game is FLAVOR"
2. Chrysler, feat Bob Hope: "See the Bob Hope show and AFL football in color on NBC-TV"
3. The New Boston Herald Traveler- "the growingest paper in town".

4. Gillette's Starting linup, feat. " Sun Up" aftershave

5. fly the friendly skies of United

6. Boston Gas

7. Eastern Air Lines Travel Club

8. Prudential apparently like the sox

9. As does New England Life

10. Mr. Boston vodka. Boo-yah

11. Atlantic Oil. Wow who saw that comin'?

12. Seagrams. 4 flavors. all make you puke.

13. The Somerset Hotel (wha?)

14. Cutty Sark

15. Coke (a cola)

16. Sinclair gas.

17. Boston Edison and First National Stores. I don't even know where to begin

18. Esso

19. Pepsi

20. John Hancock

21. Budweiser, bitches

22. Whiting's milk

23. Carling Black Label

24. Knickerbocker Beer( mmmm tasty), Big Bond bread and Polcari's (!)

25. Tip Top rolls, for hot dogs apparently

26. Swift premium Franks (see above)

27. Fuckin 'Gansett Beer

28. Schenley Reserve. Was it whiskey?



Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would have worked wonders with Black Label.

LOL,my first adult job was with First National(still trying to get over it) ;O

Carling Black Label. They used to have great advertising (in England at least). Here's one of my favs:


Apparently, lc doesn't give two fucks.
Does that negate the 'not a single fuck was given' meme?

Dunno, but anyway, me and the hubby took the money we were gonna spend on a 'brick' and gave it to the Jimmy Fund. Thought it would be better used.

Oh,a nd LC< Shenley Reserve was a whiskey. Apparently, they made a damn fine bottle-sign, too:


"Elegance at no extra cost." That should be the Soxaholix motto.

I'm not saying anything...


Your friend, Rob

I hereby officially begin a self-imposed suspension on further posting privileges until Timmah gets number 200.

Rob has officially gooched the remainder of the season. Never trust a witch. Trust me.

If Rob gooch'd Timmeh, I gooch Rob. Gooch him all to hell. That CT mothafuckah. ;)

Lol! Sorry, Yaz.

Oh, and Yaz, Voldemort called. He moved the Coven's Executive Committee meeting to tomorrow. He still wants you to bring the coffee and donuts. See you there, wiseass. ;-)

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