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Can't blame him really... it works.

Don't worry everyone, Shaughnessy's on the case.


Wow. Was that classic CHB or what?


I mean we've got all the criteria…


Mandatory if forced simile involving local lore to set the stage and promote CHBs Boston bona fides? "This is starting to feel like waiting for the completion of the Neponset Bridge project." Check.


Reference of and comparison to Red Sox past and obligatory name dropping of formah playahs to authenticate the CHB's role as head librarian of the Red Sox archives? Eckersley. Dizzy Deen. Yaz. Check, check, and check.


Catchy, at least in Shaugnessy's mind, phrase to theme the situation? "The Weight of the Wait." Check.


And, last but certainly not least, invoking the shadow of mythic tragedy? "Wakefield looked like a man feeling about half-past dead - a man in need of a place to lay his head." Check.


Somebody alert the committee — I think we found the next Pullit Surprise.



Ah, yes. CHB is on the case. But what detective moniker should we give him?

Gumshoe? Too Wrigley Field.

Flatfoot? Too Rex Ryan.

Ah, I have it:


That's perfect Bob.

Can we start the playoffs now? The season has officially entered the 'will never end' phase.

Hey,wait a minute Chester... lol

I think hb covered everything I need to know about the column so I won't give that redheaded bastard (CHB, not hb) a click-through. Someone tell me if I missed anything.

Good one, HB. I even Googled Pullit Surprise but couldn't find anything. Then while walking Jack the dog it came to me.

too funny...

The CHB is a newsprint version of any crime drama or sitcom on tv. Automatic for the People.

My thought was Who reads this shit? Anyone close enough to the subject matter to be interested in the topic already knows all of the stuff in the column and wont find any new insight. But then, I remebered, McCarver still has a job too. Cant figure out who likes him either.

Well-played, h.b.

God, McCarver.

Whoever had the "Fire Joe Morgan" website still has work to do.

Pablo, FYI


They must have better Google in Australia. Thanks, SDU.

They must have better Google in Australia. Thanks, SDU.

They didn't finish it-They are annoying Asshats ;O


McCarver = charisma free human potato who wouldn't know good baseball if it shat in his mouth. werd.

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