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Augustus dramatis

Hey, Bedard looked pretty good.


He suffered from a bit of bad luck, but his velocity was OK and he had nice movement.


But we lost.


And the Yankees won.


And now we're tied.


And the mahket crashed.


And our esteemed Senator says prep for double-dip recession.


♫ "Pahty people in da house tonight"






OK. Let's sweep these bitches.


Clap.Clap. ClapClapClap.



h.b., the brevity of today's strip said it all!

Fapfap,fapfapfap!! ;D

Hopefully, the Sox will turn the Skankees into the Alpha Romeo 8c Competizione of baseball. (It goes from 60 to 0 faster than any other production car.)

Of course, I'd also settle for the Skanks being the VW Thing-driven-into-a-wall-at-60-mph.

Oh, and has Masterson become the right handed Ted Lilly...damning us to lose, seemingly each time the Red Sox face him?

I like the pitching matchups in 2 of the three games. Lackey vs. CC doesn't have a great ring to it, so hopefully Lestah & Beckett get the job done.

I tried to warn you all. Anyone but Detroit in the AL Central right now just destroys us no matter what. I think we need to sweep the Yankees again to make ourselves feel better.

By the way, our junior senator is even useful sometimes as he goes to bat to help keep us hip-deep in good MA-made craft brews.

@Kaz - imagine that! Someone from our government actually doing something to save small businesses.

//his velocity was OK and he had nice movement// - Funny, heard my real doll saying the same thing about me to her friend the other day. She's easy to please.

The ESPN commercials about this series have jumped the shark but still get a bit teary seeing the '04 clips.

The NY Post does do a delightful turn of phrase. Back page, sports section headline: Bean Stalkers. I chucked. Bring on this weekend and the MFY, this is the best of baseball.

Sonoma,did you say you had a nice movement?? ;O

I thought it was the Liquid ASS.

She's not from Cleveland but my real doll is into the steamers...

I'm going to the game tonight. Hope it takes less than the 4 1/2 hours typical Sox/Skanees games take. Hope Lester is on. Despite Colon's 8-6 record with a 3.30 ERA, he doesn't invoke fear.

Masterson actually has a good ERA overall. But for those suffering from the what-if's, see this note from the bottom of Tuesday's Nats-Braves game:
"Derek Lowe got his 10th loss of the season, giving him 5 straight 10-loss seasons, tied with Livan Herandez for the most in that span. Bronson Arroyo can join them as early as Sunday."

It's not that Arroyo is pitching that badly. It's just that the gravitational pull from his Saturn-sized huevos draws in everything: cast iron sinks, old man walkers, dentists with blood in their hair, and yes, losses.

Well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Just hauled out the Tek jersey for tonight's game at an LES Sox bar. Will be representin' the Soxaholix in style. Let's bring out some brooms....

Greetings from Saratoga, NY, where I am pissing away my money this weekend on slow horses. As a fisherman and CT resident, I would just like to point out the a new (potential) world record striped bass has been caught off of Westbrook, Ct. The current, 30 yr old record is held from New Jersey - for now. Best part, the guy is wearing a Red Sox shirt in his grip & grin photos.

I'm not smart enough to put in a link, but copy & paste to check it out: http://www.onthewater.com/fishing/exclusive-story-and-photos-potential-world-record-striper/

Oh, and Lester lost and Lackey won? Really? Who'da thunk it?

***Update Monday 8/8***

I don't have Internet. Posting this via iPad.

Most likely no strip today unless I get hooked in soon.

***Update Monday 8/8***

I don't have Internet. Posting this via iPad.

Most likely no strip today unless I get hooked in soon.

What season series? Oh, that old thing? We won it back in the beginning of August.

The boys are now in hour three of sleep in Twinsville. At least they're dreaming good dreams.

The effing Twins are 51-63. How about giving Timmuh some effing run support, Sox?

OK, I'm back... but also now back into the full working part of the day so that strip I composed in my head is just going to have to go into the compost heap.

This was the outline:

+ We own season series over Yankees
+ And tie break
+ Even Shank is happy
+ He loves hanging out with the rich and famous
+ "The Curly Haired Sycophant"
+ Worth remembering the next time he mails in one of his "proletariat power, down with the rich fat cats who are ruining the game for the little guy from Bangor" columns
+ If CHB was a character in Tale of Two Cities he's be preaching revolution in the bar then going home to jerk off to visions of Marie Antoinette

Let them eat salty cake as it were.

With red curly-q's.

The sox slap cc. Hard.

Posada is benched! I have never liked that no chin mf. Pedro shoulda sent a fastball right up his bunghole after that big fight a few years ago when Zim went down.

Mo continues to be the best possible reliever for the sox to face.

And beer guy gives us a laugh with his cans all over the field.

Sing it everyone -
"I feel good....... I knew that I would....." - James Brown

Meanwhile, Rome burns.

And Ellsbury continues his torrid pace. 1st Sox leadoff hitter with a 6 RBI game since Ellis Burks! I'm with ya Jeff, this DOES feel good! Heyyyy!

How about Scutaro 4-4 last night? When you are getting contributions from 1-9 like we are, you gotta feel good about our chances. '04, '07, '11 - feels right, doesn't it?

Great job Scoots, come have a seat right over here on the bench, okay? Lowrie's back.

What cracks me up is the commentary from Yankee "fans" who are looking for Mo's head on a platter. Fucking greatest closer in history and they want him dead because he have up a wall ball. Really? I'll never take hearing a scumbag Yankees fan talk shit about Red Sox Nation again.

You listening, BigBri, you fat fuck?

Same goes for you, Stan Daughnessy!


This is gonna be great... Link to story about a former yankee clubhouse attendant tell all.

Clubhouse story

Cool story, Jeff. My regard for David Cone went up 200%.


Thanks for that link, Jeff. I love Matsui, what a dirtbag he is, with his porn collection and this gem of a statement in re: 2004: ""Kick ass. Pop champagne. And get some ho's." Sorry that didn't work out for ya, Matsui, although I imagine 1 out of 3 ain't bad (the ho's, that is).

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