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"A symbol of everything that's right..."

Looks like Cleveland is going through one of their cycles of being good again.


I hate that.


Yeah, why can't they just quietly slip under the waves of their nearby ocean?


Meanwhile, as if John Lackey didn't have enough to worry about, now the CHB is rooting for him.


Christ, what's next for Lackey, a pep call from Obama?


Shaughnessy should come out with a new book on the Obama jinx so that the two unlucky chahms would cancel each othah out... you know, for the good of the country and all.


Sersiouly, Shank could call it, "Curse of the Keynesiano."


Speaking of books, I hope the local Sam's club is stocked up on 12 packs of Kleenex, vaseline, and Pepsis for BigBri's mom, because there's gonna be a spooge fest in Chillicothe.


100s of glossies of Jetes in one perfect bound volume? We are talking more than a mere Chillicothe spooge fest here, my friends, we're talking Spoogepalooza.


Are you kidding me? When BigBri gets a hold of that pulp, it's gonna be the Festival at the Isle of Manspank.


Slap. Slap. SlapSlapSlap.



"The Isle of Manspank" Oh h.b. you've done it again ;)

"Ma! Throw down the Instazorb. Ma!

Awesome, hb

Detroit: 5-1
Cleveland: 2-5
Chicago: 2-4
Minnesota: 3-1
Kansas City: 2-2

Also, Texas: 0-3

We're 9-12 against anyone in the AL Central without a Tiger on their uniform. We had better hope Detroit holds onto the Central, because otherwise we're boned in the playoffs. These are also the only teams that have our number this year. We've demolished everyone else except Tampa Bay where we've managed to break even.

A playoff picture of us, Tampa Bay (WC), Texas, and Cleveland would be nail-biting...and the only unlikely one there is Tampa Bay who is currently 9 games behind NY for the WC.


Sadly for BigBri, after the Isle of Manspank he'll only be able to view every other page. Pages will be stuck together, don't you know...

He and his, er, "father figure" can have some "bonding time."

Another classic, h.b.

Fap. Fap. Fapfapfap.
As it were.

"bonding time" like Gorilla glue,Rob??

CHB's article this AM was a veritable spoogefest for Lackey

Spoogepalooza. Classic, h.b.

Lol, Harwich. More likely Elmer's for those cows... A "sticky" situation, regardless. :)

Fap, fap, fapfapfap. (good one pseudo.)

Kaz... just like a Red Sox fan to be worrying about who's gunna have our numbers in the playoffs. All is right in SoxNation.

BigBri's basement will turn into Squeezer's Palace.

We should have traded Bard. jk - one night off, big whoop.

Fap fap!!

All round clasic today, h.b....."slap slap slapslapslap"...I love it!

Good grief; reaading the scene in Cleveland web-site made me think it might finally be tribe time.

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