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A Sleep in August

8.5 games up in the wild card, dog days of summer …

Rider on Green Line:
Z z z z z z z z z z....


Rider on Green Line:
Z z z z z z z z z z....


Rider on Green Line:
Z z z z z z z z z z....


Seriously, I've got nothin'…


I've got something. It's either gout or turf toe.

I'm well on my way to The Gout. Too much lobster (and clams) this weekend. I suppose the good news is, everytime I get The Gout, the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Take one for the team then, Bob!

I'm know how you feel Bob. I managed to work blue crab into just about every meal this weekend.Of course the crab is mostly healthy. However, the grease it was fried in or the butter is was drenched in...

HB, at least you're just sleeping at the wheel of the green line instead of texting while being an ugly transexual. That shit has consequences.

Ummm...it's 7.5 and having lived through '74, '77 and '78, I'm not resting completely just yet.

Wake me when the team wakes up.

@jeff - and speaking of wake, can a guy get a little freaking more help to win #200? Anyone?

Wake #200

August 26th

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