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A crapulous feeling of plenty

Well, Bedard's in the house.


He of the been in the league since '04 but has pitched only 14 games in Septembah for his career.*


And, for any misanthropes and pessimists among us, please take note — Bedard's last Septembah staht was 5 years ago.


Yeah, but Buchholz is done, toast, pan con tomate...


And as Petah Abraham puts it, Bedard has experience in the AL East and when he was healthy in the spring, he was one of the best lefties in the league. If he's 75 percent that good, that's better than Miller as fill in for Clay.


So should we by psyched or scared that the Yankees made no moves at the deadline?


Neithah nor... We should be surfeited with our Red Sox excess.


Which is anothah way of saying, kick back and enjoy the friggin lasah show!



Eh, if he works out, great. If not, it's not the end of the world.

He has one of those Lackey-like Fenway ERAs though. Maybe we should use him as the ultimate specialist pitcher: only on the road, only against AL West and bottom-feeding AL Central and East teams.

Caught the Friday and Sunday games at the Cell. Had great tickets at reasonable prices. Probably would have had to run a credit score if purchased in Boston.

I hadn't seen the Buckholz news. That sucks. Bedard can't be worse than Lackey, right? Right? Please God tell me I'm right.

As far as Bedard goes, what is the downside? Had anyone heard of any of the players traded away?

Let's get a party going, let's get a party going
When it's time to start him, we will always start Bedard!

Seriously, if Andrew WK isn't Erik's theme song, I'll be extremely disappointed.

Also, why doesn't anyone on the Red Sox have opera for introduction music...I'm imagining something like this.

...It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little ballpark and made the Monster dissolve away, and for the briefest of moments, every last man in Fenway felt free.

Seriously, Kaz, there's so much yet to be done with intro music. Can't you imagine Pedey ripping his warmup swings to Tchaikovsky? Or Lackey warming up in front of "What do you do with a drunken sailor?" And Bard's music ought to have a Shakespeare connection. Or Beckett... he could stalk around the mound with "the Phantom of the Opera" behind him. If that doesn't give opponents the willies, I don't know what will.

I think film scores are entirely underused as intro music.

Imagine Paps entering the game while The Imperial March (Darth Vader) played.

Or the theme from Cocoon when Wake walks to the mound.

Since Bedard fist pitched in July, September this year will be like June for him, so he should be in top form (he said, trying to convince himself).

I'm on the side of being psyched (and surprised) the Yankees did nothing.

I'm betting the Skanks do something before the waiver deadline (trades can occur up to August 31, but players traded during August have to pass through the waiver list first).

I was at Fenway on Thursday (yeah, it was my fault the winning streak got snapped, sorry about that) and totally cracked up when Reddick came to the plate accompanied by some fine Celtic pipe-and-fiddle tuneage. Opera can't be too far behind that, can it?

(And re Bedard: he can't possibly be worse than Lacking. Nobody is worse than Lacking.)

Eric {french canadian name}.

What could go wrong?

LC, I will Gagne you in the throat if you try to make any comparisons.

For intro music, give me James Horner:


da kine - that was hilarious! Sparkling, given the have my wife hais from Quebec province.

Huh? Given my wife hails from Quebec province.

Kudos to Reddick! And yes, movie theme music would be perfect. Pedroia could use this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pGaz_qN0cw

"theme from Cocoon".... priceless

"Ride of the Valkyries" would have to be someone's music. And shouldn't {french canadian name} have used "Maple Leaf Rag"?

lets get bedarded! hey! lets get bedar..... in he yeah....ugh

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