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You want fries with that?

So the conventional punditry is casting some doubt on whether the Sox have the pitching horsepower to go deep into Octobah.


Same story, different year. I mean *everybody* is always worried about their pitching going into the 2nd half.


True. I heard the Yankees have found a new savior for their staff — J.C. Romero. Heh.


Jesus, mystique and aura just ain't what it used to be.


You ain't kidding, bro.



You know I can't unsee that, right? Gahhhhhhh!
I grew up on that boardwalk, was there every summer. Not a guido. Hate the Yankees. See, not all things from Jersey are bad.

Hmmm...i think George Lucas should remake Return of the Jedi with a couple of drunk, slutty Ewoks. That would certainly liven up that section of the movie.

Looks like mystique and aura are actually a little bit MORE than they used to be. Those hanging saddle bags werent born that way, me doesnt think.

Remember when the sox always picked up the old yankee discards? Colon and JC, nice gets there.

you want a ham samwich wif dat?



Well, maybe.. where exactly have you been hiding that ham sandwich?

Well, the Skanks ARE looking for a savior, so J.C. probably just seemed logical.

BTW, I wonder if Snooki putss her take-out in those folds.

Oh. I guess you already wrote that, H.B. My attention span is equal to a horse fly's so, uh, hey, what about the Skanks signing a "savior" with the initials "JC"? I mean what's up with that?

just back from vaca getting caught up on this creepy site. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Lorraine, hb. Quite a tribute you offered yesterday, tho. BTW, saw an "HB lane (a private road)" up in Bar Harbor.... hmmm methinks we've found the bat cave.....

Gasper I like, but who the frig is Greg Lee?!? He clearly is a graduate of the Jim Rice school of insight and analysis, if not sartorially.

Um, the Kate Hudson backside pic *might* just help erase the other image in your mind, Ponch. Mmmm mm mm...

yep, all on board the Kate Hudson train.

@LC - thanks for the new sunset. Sliced bread never looked so good.

Re: Kate Hudson train

I'll gladly ride the caboose.

Unfortunately, that's her quiet car, Kaz.

Okay, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Re: yanks(lack of) pitching. I saw some chatter somewhere that they may be looking to acquire Derek Lowe from the Braves in a good bat/salary dump trade. Now I can't seem to find it. Anybody else hear this rumor? I'm beginning to think I imagined it.

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