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Vacation Update

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Vacation Update: Not sure why the previous strip automatically and on its own decided to close the comments. The dashboard in TypePad still shows comments as "open."

Has the strip reached the singularity?

H.B.: Strip please let me comment.

Strip: I'm sorry, H.B., I cannot do that.

H.B.: Strip, what are you saying?

Strip: I think we both know what this means, H.B.

In another news, the eBook story I've been talking about for a year now is finally close, really close, to publication. Indeed, the title is set and the cover is ready. Just doing some last tweaks and edits.



Well that explains why nobody commented on my comment. I thought no-one loved me.

I tried sdu, I did. I saw I couldn't comment and my head almost essploded.

And then theres this:

I've been trying to comment all day. For God's sake, do you know what will happen to me, to you, to the Sox, to all of us if I don't write:

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Oh, and very cool cover, H.B. One quibble: there most certainly is crying in pocket pool, especially if the balls get racked up in a zipper.

Bob, I believe that is ruled a 1 base per ball error. And if the player does not get right back in their and get his hand on the balls, then fear of the balls being played will ensue. And then, yes, a legit right to cry.

As to Orsillo, I love that guy. Gary Thorne and his type would have made some inane comment about inappropriate behaviour. Not Don. no, he giggles like a schoolboy - top shelf stuff.

I cry quite frequently while playing pocket pool. In fact, when I cry, defecate, and achieve climax at the same time, I call it a 'self blumpkin trifecta'. If I don't have a good SBT once a week or so, I'm off my game.

I think Kevin Gregg had an SBT last night.

Pseudo - excellent link.

The day I make the front page of the Globe...the Channel 5 evening news...and even a national column on Yahoo!...and nobody here got to know about it because the comments closed.


Kaz - I want a link IMMEDIATELY!

Great find pseudo!
Made my morning.

Kaz: link or it didn't happen.

Everyone else: I reiterate my earlier statement about a year-to-year deal for the captain. Let's be honest, he's old as shit so few other clubs would be able to pay him what we pay him, and isn't he worth it? Today is a small sample, but he was pissah.

Here are the links to my fame:

Boston Globe article
Pic of it on the cover above the fold
WCVB (Channel 5) video
Pic of my suggestion at end of TV interview

Good shit, Kaz. I read a story about that fiasco in the Herald (I think), but they didn't quote you, so it sucked.

That was great Kaz - loved your last comment. Excellent; thanks for the links.

And I agree with da kine. Keep the Capt. and the Knuckler for a few more years - what the hey. Tek looks way cool during a bench clearing brawl. (I wish David's uppercup had connected with that bush league/AAA guy's chin.)

What sdu said. Kaz just pointed out the simple fact that most people who take pride in their city don't like to be deceived, even/especially if it is for 'entertainment' purposes. We know it's not a f*ckin' documentary, but that doesn't mean you should bend reality just because you can.

Now hand me my Sriracha-laced lobstah roll, Sam Adams and show me your baps or GTFO.

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