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Summer's lease

So while rough winds did shake the darling buds of May, things are looking all heaven shined these days.


Yeah, let's see... Best record in the AL, a 3 game lead in the East...


Our much adored veteran knuckleballah gets strike out numbah 2000 and he's on the precipe of his 200th win.


Oh, and Lucchino says that contrary to the rumahs the Sox aren't afraid to spend more this year nor is the luxury-tax a concern.


And that's just scratching the surface of the good news.


I confess I'm not used to it, this cruising along gold complexion optimism and all... I mean it's as if...


It's as if the Red Sox not ruinin' your summah is ruinin' you summah?


How'd you guess?


I am lovely and motherfucking temperate.



I love me some Circle ;D

Looking forward to Lestah's start tonight. Hopefully he can keep the good times a-rollin'.

It's as if that shitty start to the season was 10 years ago. What was it?...2-12, or something like that?

(Friday night at The Tavern in Framingham...see you there.)

Starts with a rainout
Best record in the A.L.
Thunder and lightning.

Not to mention that the Mariners are due to win a game soon. Hopefully in NY. I am catching the Friday and Sunday games in Chicago and hope to see #200 on Friday.

It warms my heart to know that CHB is nowhere near this fan list of the top 5 Red Sox reporters in Boston.

Two things...

Circle is in fact lovely.

Pete Abraham needs a head shot with his hair blowing in the wind like Heidi's. That would be a sight indeed.

Seems whether the team is way ahead or way behind the pack, by mid summer the everydayness of baseball is just plain soothing and conversational.

In re: that list.

Heidi Watney? a reporter? really?

Lou, clearly you missed her hard-hitting series: "Things You Can Eat At the Ballpark!".

Reporter? No, no she is just a headshot. Or a thing you can eat at the ballpark.

Kaz, greatest 'Tek bio title ever!

I'm just holding my breath for that thunderstorm...

What are the odds that the Mariners win a game before Amy Winehouse's next concert?

They are a really bad team. They do ok until the pitcher lets a ball go in play, then its pre-season bad news bears all over the field.

Winehouse was just DFA'd since her last rehab assignment didn't work out.

Heidi's next piece is a retrospective on Bill Lee-she's calling it "The Wood,the Weed,the Wag"(with apologies to Sir Walter) ;D

I'm not so convinced Seattle is a really bad team as it is a team beating itself. They led in every game vs Sox and hung around in 2 of 3. After watching Oakland unlucky to lose while stropping Mariano y'day, I'm gonna wager that Seattle breaks that jinx in the Bronx and endears themselves to Sox fans everywhere... 18 straight? no way

Next week Heidi presents "Catching Up with Jurassic Carl" in a segment titled "I Got Your Big Bang Theory Right Here".

I am not objectifying Ms. Watney for being attractive. i just think she "reports"

well that game sucked....oh well

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