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Pedroia for League B.A.M.F.

Well, productivity all ovah New England will suffah today, but the ends justify the means.


As Francona says, "By that time [the 16th inning], it’s not just physical, it’s mentally draining."


And that goes for the fans as well as playahs.


Are you kidding me? As the game was approaching the mid teen innings I felt like I was watching Casey Anthony on an episode of Blind Date with Joran van der Sloot.


And what's left to say about Pedroia?


The one man Muddy Chicken wrecking crew.


His hit streak is at 15 games and he's reached based safely 27 straight games, the longest active streak in the majors.


And how's this for a fun stat — Going into last night's Pedroia and Cano had each had 351 at-bats and 49 strikeouts. The difference? Pedroia has 45 more walks than Cano and only two fewah home runs.


And despite all his MVP numbahs you know what most amazes me about Pedroia?


That he doesn't go totally Wrath of God on Lackey when that dipshit does one of throw his hand up in the air in disgust to one of the fieldahs.


I mean talk about showing restraint.


Yeah, that's why Pedroia is an MVP and Lackey is a POS.


Seriously. You know I know that sometimes we fans are overly hahd and unfair to the playahs with our complaints and criticisms and general scapegoating...


But in the case of Lackey openly dissing his teammates on the field of play, our fan disgust is both legit and just.



Lack of productivity, you ain't a-shittin'. I made it to the 13th before the Sandman stopped taking no for an answer. Woke up on my couch, covered in drool with my hair plastered to my face. Wish I could have made it to the end, but 8am clients don't believe you when you say it's a 'baseball hangover'. And massive kudos to Pedey, that kid's a frigging stah.

Bailed out after bases loaded, 0 outs and 0 runs in 11th. Pedroia holding his arms up in superman muscle fashion after that diving to his right throw from knees bounce to first for the out play was EVERYTHING I like about him.

And Lackey. He had the same dickbag moves in LA. Frequently called out defensive mistakes. Bad enough to do that in general, but for him to do that is just pure dickbag.

I have a feeling Pedroia would rather be voted BAMF than MVP.

Made it through the 11th, BTW. I know, I know, not very fanly.

I confess I bailed after 11 also. Nice news to wake up to though. Too bad they couldn't have scratched out a run in the 9th to give Beckett a chance at a win afer another complete shut down of TB. Oh, and fuck Lackey.

This might just be my favorite Soxaholix ever.

I made it through nine and a half. After Sox squanders in both innings, I wasn't sure I wanted to see any more pain.

Great effort today hb! After I uttered 'anyone who leaves the bases loaded with no outs deserves to lose' I punished myself: no bed until it's over.

Lackey criticizing his teammates is like Casey Anthony giving parenting advice.

Does anyone have video footage of Lackey's body language? I missed the game last night/

Gave up in the 13th. Fell asleep with a large book on my face.
In Lackey's defense, I pitched at AA level and it's incredibly frustrating to have fielders make you get extra outs . . . just kidding. Lackey's an asshat. And I throw like a girl scout.

"Woke up on my couch, covered in drool with my hair plastered to my face."

Sorry, pseudo. Next time I'll wear a bib.

"Woke up on my couch, covered in drool with my hair plastered to my face."

Hmm. Normally, that would be considered something of a fashion risk. But I'm sure you pull it off nicely, pseudo. ;-)

I too crashed after 11. I kept the TV on and thought I heard something about Pedey around 2 am. I just love his "never give up" attitude and that big chip on his shoulder.

I swear the sox get paid by the hour and not by the inning. I'm too old for 4+ hr games. I went to a twins-A's game back in April and felt "cheated". The game was over in 2 hr 20 min. That is about the start of the 6th inning in a typical Sox game.

@Kaz, I thought that the drool smelled faintly of whisky and Christmas.
@Rob, I'd like to say I did, but it's more likely I looked like a sticky, diseased bulldog, judging by the reaction of my first client of the day.
Natalie can probably confirm the hardship; living in London and trying to catch as many games as you can, considering the 5-8 hour time difference. After 2am you're invested in that shit. Which is why I'm all over day games like a fat kid's all over the cake holding hooker down the bus stop.

I made it through the whole thing, but then I'm a masochist. Glad it had a happy ending.

Not only should Lacking be punched for dissing his teammates, Tito should take him out back by the woodshed for being such a putz to him when he came to the mound to get the ball. You do *not* give your manager attitude like that on the mound. What a waste of space.

Bailed after 9. Extra innings in baseball boils down to relief pitching attrition. Prefer to look at score on Droid during middle-age 3 am trek to bathroom.

Came home and tuned in during the eighth inning and watched the whole thing last night. Never have I been so glad to be on the West coast -- I was in bed by 11!

Bailed after 13 1/2 - figured it was my fault we were leaving a battalion on the bases. Beckett and Pedey are showing their true grit - not sure why someone other than Tito doesn't take Lackey to the tool shed - needs to be done.

Count me in as another who had to give up after the 11th. When you have the bases loaded w/ no outs and don't score, most often you lose that inning or the next. Not last night, though.

And I could not agree more about Lackey's unprofessionalism in calling out his fielders. If he actually was a decent pitcher, it would still be incredibly bush league but the way he's pitched these last two seasons, give me a fucking break.

And Pedey is awesome.

Great strip, h.b.

Stuck it out the whole way. Of course, here on Maui, it was only 8:00 p.m. when the game ended. Sorry 'bout that.
Now on to Ballamer and let's stick it to that fraud Showalter and that bunch of crybabies! Imua!!

"Of course, here on Maui, it was only 8:00 p.m. when the game ended."

words hurt, my friend.

great game last night, boys. I fell asleep during the 3rd, 8th and 11th innings, so in my world it was a triple-headah.


What happened with Lackey? Totally missed it. He dissed the Destroia? Seriously?
I am so tired. And it is only 4:23. My work day has at least 18 innings.

Also, even with as long as it took, let's still be grateful it ended with extra innings.

As someone on Twitter put it after the Woman's World Cup penalty kick loss: "Who ends a game with a completely different game to see who wins? It'd be like stopping extra innings to have a homerun derby contest..."

I must concur, good sir.

I see this as another looooooong night. As this is the House of Timmah. And we shell not forsake him.

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