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Ocho Saltimbanco

OK, so I didn't see that coming.


Seriously, with the way the Red Sox have been burning through the AL, splitting a series with the lowly Royals was as expected as visit from Cardinal Ximénez.


So rumah has it the Red Sox are "all ovah" Erik Bedard.


When Bedard is healthy he's one of the best pitchers in baseball.


"When" being the operative word there. I mean this guy's on the DL so much that the IRS qualifies it as his second home.


Yeah, but he is the best available by fah *and* very well could be the difference between wining and not winning the World Series.


But what about the meme that he's a cancah in the clubhouse and hard to deal with etc.?


Look at it this way — this guy has spent his entiah career with Baltimore and then Seattle.


Imagine if you were a fan of one of those teams let alone a playah... just what it might do to you overall joie de vivre?


Yeah, now that you put it that way, I think I can picture it.



Is that last link a pic of Glenn Davis?

Was going to make a Fister joke but it's too early...and sooo wrong ;O

I don't know what all this French talk means, but I'm going to skip Google translate and assume 'joey de vivo' means erectile functionality.

Well dk,if I remember right a joey is a young kangaroo so would that be a 'roo with a woody?? Have to get a ruling from SDU ;)

Nice Inquisition reference, hb. Maybe Belichick can impart to Tito his Jedi mind tricks for dealing with malcontents when/if they make the Bedard move.

awesome reference to that spanish dude. The original XMan.

Also, Albert Haynesworth is a pig.


wanted to comment a few days back on your "if Pedroia .... Real Doll" line. That was awesome.

No one expects the KC Royals to win! Their main weapons are fear...and comfy chairs!!


:bows head and blushes nervously:

Dude, where do you find these pictures?

Dude, where do you find these pictures?

If HB were single, Lou Clinton would also be gay.


that was both deserved and hurtful.

good work

So, Gavin Floyd tonight. A two-first-names man. When I worked in Hawaii, the entire creative department was made up of two-first-names men. Guy Tom, Dave Daniel, Tom Gabriel, Mitchell Eric, Jeff Griffin. I was shunned, so I just hung out with my best friend, Kevin Knipfing. I hear he's an actor now. I should look him up.

Ah, Cardinal Ximinez, whom no one expects, along with his faithful toadie Cardinal Fang!
"Cardinal Fang, bring out the (Oh, no) rack... go ahead..."

Ah, Cardinal Ximinez, whom no one expects, along with his faithful toadie Cardinal Fang!
"Cardinal Fang, bring out the (Oh, no) rack... go ahead..."

Well, I'm leaving a little early today so I can go see Cowboys & Aliens. Hopefully they'll have some hardcore probing scenes with Ana de la Reguera.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

See it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v+uprjmoSMJ-o
Then laugh your arse off!

Off to the Cell to see Wake & Co.

Real Dolls in Real Life or maybe totally made up. Funny as hell either way.

Me thinks the Red Sox are all over the Erik Bedard thing - 1.1 IP, 5 ER...

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